Why Puff Counts Are Limited In Disposable Vapes

Why Puff Counts Are Limited In Disposable Vapes

This question is not very common, and hardly people ask such questions. It is a good practice to learn everything about vaping before you step into this industry. Getting acquainted with vaping would help you choose the right vape accessory. Every vaping device is different from others in some way or another. For instance, Crystal Pro Max 4000 puffs disposable vape device is slightly different from bear+aspire interim and offers a distinctive experience. 

What Is Puff Count?

The number of draws a person inhales through a vape device is referred to as puffs. Every disposable vape comes with a particular number of puffs. The reason why puff count is limited in disposables is becuase they carry a limited e-liquid. 

Disposable devices are generally smaller in size. They usually carry smaller e-liquid tanks. As soon as the e-liquid in the device evaporates, it ceases to give any more puff counts. An average disposable vape device gives about 600 puffs, whereas other vapes, such as Crystal Pro Max 4000 puffs, provide about 4000 puffs. 

Why Does Puff Count Matter?

Puff count is substantially important in any vape device. Individuals do not want to spend money that gives them fewer puff counts. They do not like to purchase multiple devices. Therefore they invest in vapes that at least give them maximum puff counts. 

There are several vape devices that allow you to get the maximum out of them. Bear+Aspire is a phenomenal vape device. It gives you flavourful puffs. The device has an exquisite appearance. It has a very comfortable grip. Since it is lightweight and compact, you can easily take the device with you wherever you want. 

The Best Disposable Vape Device:

Crystal Pro Max 4000 Puffs disposable vape is an outstanding vape device that gives you exceptional puffs. The device holds a 650mAh internal battery and contains a 2ml tank. The tank contains a dual 1.2ohm mesh coil and delivers excellent flavour. 

The prefilled device comes in various delectable flavours. Besides, it features adjustable airflow that lets you choose your vaping style. The device has an engrossing outlook. It’s a perfect vape device for anyone who wants a hassle-free and convenient vaping experience. Apart from this device, you can also take a look at Bear+Aspire. It’s a refreshing vape device that gives you a very classy taste. 

Do Every Vape Device Offers Limited Puff Counts? 

A vape device or an e-cigarette is more than a puff count. Not every vape device gives you a specified number of puffs, and some offer you, distinctive puff counts. A vape mod or advanced vape device is not confined to a particular number of puffs. The device contains a large e-liquid tank that can hold a greater amount of e-liquid.

You can purchase a 10ml e-liquid bottle and fill the tank. Unlike disposable vape, in vape mods, if the e-liquid gets evaporated soon, you do not have to discard the whole device. You can simply refill the tank with the e-juice and reuse it. 


Summing Up:

The reason why disposable vapes are confined to specific puff count is that they are crated for one time use. If you have been vaping for a while and want to level up your vaping game you can opt for vape mods. Mods give you fewer puffs. Unlike dipsosbale vape they do not offer you limited puffs. 

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