If your staff need high visibility workwear as part of their work clothing, then you’ll want to make sure that you get it right first time.

Here’s what you need to think about.

  1. Your staff will need to stand out and be visible from other workers. Perhaps your staff work repairing motorway signs, or on ships, or deal with the aftermath of an accident, or carry out emergency repairs.
  2. You’ll want your staff to stay safe whilst they work. There might be traffic flying by on the motorway as they carry out vital repairs, or in danger of being hit high visibility workwear by falling masonry or crushed vehicles after an accident, or whilst working on trees, or rescuing walkers on a mountain.
  3. If your staff do need high visibility clothing, then it’s not just for those who work outside. Fire wardens and marshals in office blocks need to be easily identifiable if there is a fire, and you can’t leave anything to chance.
  4. It might be that your staff work in the dark, and so need to be as visible as possible so they don’t get hit by passing traffic whilst they mend the road, or catch fish, or work with lorries or large container ships loading and unloading goods.
  5. Perhaps your staff need to work in the wet too. As well as being cold and wet, your staff will need to be seen. Maybe your staff are constructing a building, or painting a shop front, or patrolling car parks, or providing the security for a night club or shopping centre.
  6. As your staff will work in various different conditions all year round, and the weather can change immediately, it’s essential that they have their high visibility workwear with them at all times. It might start raining and dramatically reduce visibility, or your staff might get caught out when it starts snowing.
  7. Your company might be emergency workers, or assist people in distress. Perhaps you are a roadside assistance service, or repair broken electricity cables, or fix gas mains. Having the right sort of high visibility clothing is essential in these sorts of situations
  8. It could be that your staff are called out to dangerous situations or hazardous environments. Perhaps they deal with chemical spills, clean up after traffic accidents, or investigate the cause of fires. They’ll need to remain safe and visible at all times, and ensure that bystanders are aware of who is in control of the situation.
  9. Your staff need to be able to stay warm and dry when they work, and so just having a high visibility vest won’t always do. You’ll need your staff to have high visibility jackets, trousers, and waterproof clothing, and perhaps even hats and gloves too, so that they can carry on working as safely as the environment allows.
  10. Because you’ll want value for money from your high visibility workwear, you can’t rely on the cheapest work clothing providing all the features and benefits your staff need. you’ll be looking for durability, and performance, so that your staff can actually work whilst wearing it. you won’t want to have to replace it on a regular basis, or put the lives of your staff in jeopardy.

Now you know why the right high visibility workwear is so important, you’ll be able to get it right first time.

Has Your Staff Got All the High Visibility Workwear They Need?

If you’re worried about the safety and visibility of your staff, then you’ll want to make sure that they have the right high visibility workwear.

Here’s what they’ll need.

  1. High visibility jackets are ideal for wearing as a top layer, so that your workers can be seen in the dark. These hi viz jackets need to be warm as well, as the temperature drops when it gets dark.
  2. High visibility trousers are also a good idea, and ensure that your staff can be seen from all angles, and no matter what they are doing outside in the dark.
  3. If your staff are outside in all weathers, then you’ll definitely need waterproof high viz clothing for them. This will help to keep them dry as well as seen.
  4. A hi vis fleece might be what’s required when it’s not cold enough for a warm jacket. As well as being warm and bright, it’ll allow your staff to get on with their jobs, in comfort.
  5. If your staff are working in dirty conditions all day, and all night, then you might want them to have hi visibility overalls so that they can be seen, and stay clean.
  6. If your staff don’t work in the dark, or aren’t outside very often, then they might be better off with high visibility vests. Ideal for emergency use, these sorts of vests might be just what your delivery drivers, or sales team need to keep in their vehicles, in case they break down.
  7. It’s important that the high visibility workwear you choose for your staff shouldn’t restrict their movement at all. You don’t want them to be seen, but unable to walk, or move their arms properly. You still need them to get on with their jobs.
  8. High visibility clothing is available in yellow and orange. You might have a personal preference for one colour over the other, or you might be open to either colour. Perhaps one colour will go better with your existing workwear.
  9. It might be that your high visibility workwear has to high visibility workwear meet safety standards. You’ll need to make sure that it does, and that your staff are protected in case of emergency. Perhaps your workers are on an oil rig, or at sea, or involved in mountain rescue.
  10. You must remember that safety must come before cost, and that you can’t scrimp on the lives of your workers. Whilst you might have a budget in mind, you’ll need to ensure that the high visibility clothing you choose is appropriate and suitable for the environment it will be used in.

Now you know what to look for, you’ll be able to get the right high visibility workwear for your staff, and ensure that they can be seen, whatever the weather.

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