What You Should Not Do After Having Rhinoplasty

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  • December 9, 2022
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A rhinoplasty procedure can produce outstanding results in all respects. Even if surgery is required, it is only one solution component. Once you leave the operating room and return home to start your recovery, the responsibility for maintaining these changes and making these results a reality is entirely on your shoulders. While everyone recovers at their rate, there are things you can do to hasten your healing and lessen any side effects or setbacks you may have. Learn what to avoid so that your nose surgery goes well and you feel better.

Rhinoplasty Aftercare

Strenuous Activities

While your nose is healing, you should not do strenuous exercise, lift heavy things, or do other physically demanding things. For several reasons, you should avoid those things. First of all, a rise in blood flow to the face could cause swelling and even possible bleeding. Second, sweating could make the skin’s recuperation process take longer. Finally, injuries to the nose tend to happen more frequently during physically demanding activities. Because the bones haven’t fully set, it’s common for a nose to shift, crack, or break as it recovers from surgery.


After having surgery on your nose, colds, allergies, and the flu can be dangerous and inconvenient. If you get sick before surgery, it may cause a delay; if you get sick after surgery, coughing or sneezing may cause you to bleed. In the weeks before your surgery, avoid being around ill people and wash your hands frequently. Do not feel ashamed to use hand sanitizer often or spray Lysol on your desk to eliminate any leftover bacteria.

Staying in the sunlight

Although a trip to the tropics or a day at the pool may sound pleasant, you should use caution. Long-term sun exposure can cause burns on the nose, discoloration where scar tissue is, and a higher risk for some problems. Even if your best rhinoplasty surgeon in Pakistan says it’s fine, cover up with a hat and use plenty of sunscreen.

Wearing Glasses

If you wear glasses often, switch to contacts to let your nose heal properly. While your nose is healing, kindly put those glasses aside. Where glasses rest on the bridge of the nose, indentations in the malleable cartilage and tissue are typical.

Lying Flat

While some people may find it more comfortable to lie flat on their backs, doing so poses a serious risk to those receiving a nose operation. More oxygen and nutrients will be pumped to your face and nose if you raise your head so it is level with your heart. As a result, you can feel more intense discomfort, edema, and bleeding. Where would you have me sit? Sleep in a reclining position or raise your head with a pillow.

Wearing Makeup

Please wait before applying makeup. After surgery, makeup can help hide bruises, but it’s best not to put anything on your incisions or the skin that’s healing. Concealer, powder, and other cosmetics should not be used until your doctor gives the all-clear. Talk to your doctor to find out how long it will take you to feel better after your facial plastic surgery in Lahore, Pakistan.

Smoking, drinking

Patients who have had surgery, including rhinoplasty, should not smoke or drink while healing. Smoking nicotine can narrow blood vessels and reduce blood flow, which impedes normal healing. On the other hand, alcohol can reduce the effectiveness of your prescriptions and thin your blood, which makes you more likely to bleed. It would be best to stop smoking and drinking for three weeks to reduce risks while healing from rhinoplasty.

Chewing Hard Foods

Avoid chewy foods, especially in the first few days, when you should try to keep your facial expressions to a minimum. Avoid eating raw apples, pears, and carrots. The jawbone is put under additional stress by gum and steak.

Getting Constipated

Patients frequently report irregular bowel motions right after surgery. It’s important to ask your doctor what to expect when you’re getting better after surgery. Increasing your consumption of high-fiber meals is the best method to reduce your risk of getting the condition, which can be rather painful. During the first few days, eat foods high in fiber, like oatmeal or smoothies made from fruit and vegetables. Consult your doctor about using a light laxative if it has been a few days since your last bowel movement.


Rhinoplasty can help both men and women, regardless of their noses’ size, shape, or prominence. We can help you reach your goals, whether they are just for looks or making your nose work better.


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