What You Must Know About Time Tracking Tool

What You Must Know About Time Tracking Tool

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  • December 9, 2022
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The Time tracking tool allows the business to keep track of the total hours taken on a single task as well as on the complete project. This type of visibility helps the company assess the overall accuracy of work estimates as well as the energy of the employees. The time tracking tool is crucial for professional businesses, plus companies that use hourly employees along with freelancers, or firms that utilise cost-plus pricing.

Time tracking tools within the process allow the team members to list time entries and carry on their tasks easily. After stopping the time tool, the software also enables the staff to view as well as print the time reports for reference or other projects. This ease of use allows the company to track the workload of the entire team members plus helps print reports for clients along with other stakeholders. Below, you can find answers to free employee monitoring and how it works or helps any kind of large as well as small scale business.

How time tracking tool works and helps the business

With a time management tool, the company will be to count time entries for the daily or monthly tasks, easily maintain track of the total hours spent on tasks as well as projects, plus quickly generate reports. 

Adding daily time entries

Ideally, the time management tool will allow the management to choose whether employees are able to make time entries manually or utilise the automatic tracker. There are certain pros as well as cons to each feature:

Manual tracking of the time allows the employees to choose a task as well as manually input the number of hours spent finishing it.

The method allows time tracking to be quick as well as easily and the employees will not have to worry about switching on as well as off the timer as they one by one complete the tasks. However, the most significant setback of such a method is that this can promote inaccurate tracking.

On the other hand, automatic tracking is much more accurate and takes less effort from the employee’s side. They will only have to push the button when they sit on the system and stop the timer at the end of the day. Using an automatic timer can offer much more precise time tracking. This step can even increase customer as well as stakeholder trust.

The only downside of such a method is the employees need to daily remember to pause their timer when going for breaks or if switching to other tasks. It can even increase the project costs as well as provide working project estimates for the long run. 

Keeping full track of working hours

The company can select a time tracking tool that can present the hours taken in a variety of forms, such as:

  • By task 
  • By employee
  • By project

Looking at the hours for each task allows the management to work efficiently, and without micromanaging. Time tracking tools at the assignment level can even help the business create estimates along with budgets for similar projects in future. Businesses can even use employee time tracking tools to monitor plus distribute the workload. At the project level, the time tracking tool can help assess the general progress along with the performance of the task quickly. Moreover, the company can track hours by staff and evaluate the overall productivity of Time Tracking Software For Employees

Making comprehensive reports

There are 2 kinds of reports the time tracking tool can be capable to make:

  • Timesheets
  • Time reports

Timesheets help a single employee to notice a quick summary of the given assignments during a time period. Also, they will be able to see the amount of time they spent on each task. These timesheets can reveal information such as:

  • Tasks the staff undertook during the selected week of a month
  • Tasks are given to an employee, that needs completion before the deadline
  • Any problematic as well as complex tasks that are taking longer than the deadline.

The usefulness of timesheets is the staff can efficiently monitor plus track the overall progress. It offers them a central place to view what everyone needs to focus on each week.

Benefits of time tracking tool

  1. Billing the clients using accurate reports of the total hours the employees took to complete the task
  2. Managing the projects easily and assigning tasks or re-allocation complex work among staff members that are free at the moment.
  3. Improving the overall pricing in terms of the output along with the quality of work the employees are presenting to the clients
  4. Making accurate future decisions so that the business is well-prepared to take over different obstacles.
  5. Managing the team efficiently and ensuring everyone is working together towards a common goal
  6. Having a track of the total work and presenting it to the stakeholders or company leaders, if called upon.
  7. Improving the way the company runs overall by streamlining difficult projects and providing a clear view.

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