What is the History of Cakes, and Why are They so Popular?

What is the History of Cakes, and Why are They so Popular?

The cake is one of the most consumed and favorite desserts on Earth. It is one of the old desserts to go along with being the most delicious and favorite. Do you know cake making has been around for hundreds of years or perhaps even more. The cake originated in ancient times of Egypt as a round, flat, unleavened bread. That was baked or cooked on a hot stone. Though, the process of the cake evolution kept rising with the invention of new baking methods and the usage of different ingredients. So, the cake-baking phenomenon or process of cake-making. That we see on the internet and social media does not look the way it started.

Over time many new flavors of cakes and methods of cake baking have burst onto the scene, and people do not know about the history of this delicious dessert. So, we will shed some light on the brief history of the cake and the reasons why it became so popular. So, let’s get started.

The History of Cakes:

The Egyptians were the founders of the cakes, as they were the first to try their hands at baking. The Roman Empire also played its part in cake baking, as they called or labeled the cake bakers as skilled crafters. The baking was rated as highly regarded and rated they organized a festival every year for the oven goddess named Fornax. Baking was challenging in the old times as there were no ovens, and wood-burning stoves were used for baking bread; they required fuel to function. Baking cakes got many people to climb up their social status, as the bread was only meant to be served to wealthy people.

In the 15th century, with the introduction of different spices like saffron and etcetera, baking started gaining popularity in Britain. Because of the evolution of technology and easy access to ingredients, cake-making was becoming standard in almost every home. It all happened by the start of the 18th century. Today everyone can make a cake at home in all forms and flavors.

Reasons Why Cakes are Popular:

It was short and precise information about the history of cakes. Let’s get down to the reasons why cakes have become so popular, which are as follows:

Best for Celebrations:

One of the many reasons why cakes are loved and popular is because they are the best dessert for celebration. No one leaves the party and stays around until the cake-cutting ceremony at almost every event. The delicious taste and enticing nature of cakes make the celebration ten times better as people dance, sing, and enjoy the event.

Affordable Price:

The reason that solidifies or validates why cakes are loved so much around the globe is their affordable price. You can have a variety of flavors to taste at an affordable price. You can have the customized cake made for yourself without breaching your budget limit. The lower price or cost is the reason why people get cakes for events and occasions rather than any other dessert.

Variety of Options:

The other reason cakes are cherished and famous is that they have multiple options to choose from. From dark chocolate to red velvet, from strawberry to vanilla. They come in many flavors and can be customized per your demand. You can have the ideal cake depending on the occasion and event, which can never go wrong. You can have the cake in a flavor of fruit in a season that is not even in the market; that’s what the variety of options in cake flavors can do.

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