Top gemstones worn for their healing energies

Top gemstones worn for their healing energies

Gemstones are used in different ways. A few, such as Rose Quartz, make wonderful accent pieces in a house and offer a loving atmosphere. Moreover, gemstones can be worn as necklaces, rings, bracelets, and in other jewelry pieces. With colors varying from pink to black to green, you will surely find a crystal that matches your wardrobe and mood. There are others that exert healing energies and calming powers if you carry them, while there is a whole variety that you will wish to have while practicing deep breathing or meditating. Healing crystals are thought to affect a person in two ways. One is through mindset and other is through vibration. Read on to find out about the top gemstones worn for their healing powers. 

Commonly Used Healing Gemstones 

There are many gemstones that offer a range of healing benefits and come with specific properties. Below are the most common ones: 

Quartz (Clear and Rose) 

Also known as the gemstone of “unconditional love,” rose quartz is used to manifest and nurture loves of all types. Clear quartz is called “master healer” as it helps align your chakras and attune crystal energetically. Quartz can also help you manifest and access a higher state of consciousness. If you are looking to buy high-quality quartz  Silver Double Layered Necklace, Bibelot Jewels is the best place. 


This crystal helps process patterns, inner cycles, and changes. It is thought to enhance intuition and assist users in accessing their inner wisdom. This stone is also known to help the sacral and heart chakra to stay open for new possibilities and opportunities. 


Sunstone is another powerful crystal and is thought to be the best crystal for fortune and good luck. This powerful gemstone encourages self-healing procedures to happen all through your body while cleansing your thoughts as well as heart-related troubling matters. 


Amethyst is known to be of divine manifestation and is incredibly powerful. It is among the most potent gemstones in the world. Its rich purple color speaks about the love which radiates from the heart chakra. This crystal is well-known to get rid of disruptive behaviors and addictions and improve your intuition. Experts suggest that wearing Silver Gold Plated Earrings calms rebellious neural signals and restores the sense of calmness to the nervous system. 


It is another most powerful crystal without a doubt. Its emitted frequencies stimulate a procedure known as Moldavite Flush. It is exclusively found in the Czech Republic today. 


Obsidian, especially the black one, works as a shield, safeguarding the aura from all negative energies. Obsidian’s reflective nature acts as a screen or a mirror to project lessons. It also forces us to find our negative tendencies. 

How Can You Select The Best Healing Gemstone For You? 

Seek out an authentic holistic practitioner who specializes in gemstone use for energetic and spiritual healing. If you cannot find one, you can visit Bibelot Jewels, the best Gold Plated Silver Bangles Online store and do a visual meditation. You can then choose a stone to which you think connected energetically. 

Where To Purchase A Healing Gemstone? 

Gemstones can be easily found online, in loyal stone shops, and in any practitioner’s office. But, crystals take years to grow or develop naturally. Therefore, sourcing can be a problem. Ensure that wherever you buy the stone from, the stone provider lists its source and the sourcing process. This will help you purchase the crystal with confidence. This due diligence can assist you attain a quality crystal and make sure that you don’t contribute to the destruction of the environment. Bibelot Jewels is one such place and you can rest assured to get high-quality, exceptional gemstones with healing powers. You can also Buy Silver Chains Online or Buy Sliver Earring online from Bibelot Jewels. 

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