Top Apps to Use for Online Courses

Education all over the world is changing rapidly as we see changes in technology, its use, and its popularity. Apart from the regular education that we get from institutions, you can learn so much more with extra courses. While spending so much time on campus, it can be difficult to find time for extra courses. Online courses can help there.

There are several apps that you can have on your phone for these courses. Use them at any time you want and you are ready to be equipped with the desired knowledge.

However, taking online classes and using some apps in real time require students to have a stable internet connection. For that, Mediacom is the perfect option. It provides quality internet that works at the best speed all day and night. Contact Mediacom customer service to know more about its fast and pocket-friendly internet plans.

Equipped with reliable internet service, you can benefit from these apps that offer knowledge that your educational institution may not be able to provide. It is also great to have some extra achievements in your resume for you to get allocated to good positions in your career.

Scroll through the below-mentioned list of amazing online courses and apps that can make all the difference in your practical life.

  1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy aims to provide top-class education to anyone who wants to, anywhere in the world. And according to the professionals and students who have used it, it certainly is doing that.

Do you ever think sometimes that you weren’t taught some important financial concepts in school that everyone has to use in their lives? Well, now you can learn those with Khan Academy. Any extra help that you require with your studies can be accessed with their app.

The wide range of courses includes Science, Math, Economics, Computing, Arts and Humanities Life skills, etc. You may not get any certificate from here, but all that help with amazing visual content is definitely worth it.

  1. EdX

EdX brings you some 2800 courses by collaborating with big universities like MIT, Berkley, and Harvard. Tech giants like Google, IBM, and Microsoft have also added significant material to the courses. You can take these online courses for free but the features that can be accessed are limited. If you pay, you can get a certificate, and access to archived course material, graded exams, assignments, etc.

Good thing is that you can upgrade for all these in the middle of the course as well. But if your aim is only to increase knowledge or help with your current studies, these free online courses are enough. The EdX app is very easy to use with all the courses and periods divided into categories clearly.  

  1. Byju’s Learning

This Indian online learning app is one of the best in the market. It was created in 2011 by Byju Rveendran and DivyaGukulnath. The app has over 100 million downloads and over 6.5 million subscribers which makes it one of the most used online education apps in the world. There are almost all the subjects in this app but its specialty certainly is math and science.

The content on the app is based mostly on visuals, tasks, and game-based. Students can also get access to regular free live classes on the app. Byju’s can be accessed anywhere in the world, with the app being able to download on Android and iPhone. K to 12 is the target students of the app’s course material.

  1. Kahoot

Be it the on-campus class or online, things can always become boring. While you may have to keep composure on campus, you can easily dose off in the online class. But this is damaging to the learning process. That is why Kahoot has come up with a unique learning and teaching style.

On this app, all the learning happens in a game style. That helps in keeping the focus of students alive during the class. Almost 50% of educators in the US use this app by creating innovative quizzes and hosting live gaming sessions. This not only benefits the students but also teachers as teaching the same thing over and over again can become hectic.

  1. Coursera

In 2012, Coursera was created by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller in the US. People from the 18 to 55 age group can take benefit from a variety of over 3500 courses available on the app. Currently; Coursera has over 82 million official users. From the basics such as math, science, and humanities, the app also offers courses on modern concepts such as AI, AR, machine learning and computing, etc.

Around the world, 29 universities have collaborated with the platform and provided their courses here. The courses on the app are also available in over 40 languages around the world. This app can also be downloaded on Android and iPhone.


It no longer matters if the syllabus being taught in educational institutes is up-to-date or not, you can learn everything online on these apps with the help of technology. Download these apps and start your advanced learning now.  

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