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  • December 9, 2022
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Your chin, neck, and face skin may have started to sag. People who have witnessed botched or overt facelifts may be concerned about this. By removing wrinkles and raising drooping skin, a facelift can help you seem younger. There are many things to consider before having this surgery, as it is a huge decision. Dr Zain ul Abidin and Dr Asma Ilyas perform cosmetic surgery in Lahore, Pakistan. You’ll be happy with the results for a very long time because of how natural-looking his work will appear.

Here are five facelift considerations:

Face-lift reasons

Consider your reasons for wanting a facelift before deciding if you’re thinking about getting one. A facelift will usually give you a refreshed look instead of a completely new one. The first step to enjoying your facelift results is to have realistic expectations.

Your ageing is obvious if your face is sagging. A facelift can help with loose skin, sagging cheeks, frown lines, and other signs of ageing. Facelifts can undo the effects of gravity by tightening the skin and reshaping the lower part of the face. Age-related bone density loss results in thinner face bones, a natural part of ageing. Two essential elements of young skin, collagen and elastin, also diminish with age.

Facelift age

In your 40s, 50s, and 60s, your face could change. With a facelift, the “marionette lines” that run from the mouth’s corners to the nose’s base can be lessened or completely removed. On the other hand, modern techniques have made Lahore plastic surgery safe and useful for people as old as 80. Facelifts are not more dangerous for older people than for younger people, say Dr. Zain ul Abidin and Dr. Asma Ilyas, as long as the person doing the surgery takes precautions.

You’re a good facelift candidate.

You should be in good health if you’re considering a facelift. Patients who have serious health issues shouldn’t have this procedure. People with diabetes or high blood pressure are more likely to have problems after surgery. In the weeks before a facelift, you shouldn’t use tobacco, aspirin, or other drugs that thin the blood.

Your genes and the state of your skin today could impact your surgery’s outcome. The best results from treatment come from starting with healthy skin and bones. Your results may be better if your skin has been damaged by the sun, has lost its elasticity, or is sagging because you’ve lost weight. It all depends on how your skin looks.

Aftercare and recovery 

Following a facelift, you should take some time to relax. You won’t be able to work for two weeks as you recover from the procedure. Most people need three months to heal after this procedure before they can do light activities again. Dr. Zain ul Abidin and Dr. Asma Ilyas might recommend painkillers after surgery to help with discomfort, bruising, and painful swelling. He might apply a bandage to your face to stop additional swelling and bruising. Use these bandages as directed by Dr. Zain ul Abidin and Dr. Asma Ilyas, and please keep them dry.

When you go back for a checkup, he will tell you how to take care of the cuts and drains. You will be told to follow a skincare routine to ensure the results last. There are ways to prolong the youthful appearance that a facelift can give you for up to ten years. Put down cigarettes, limit sun exposure, and drink responsibly. To make your facelift last longer, abide by these rules.

Side effects and risks 

There is always a chance of complications because a facelift requires surgery. Facelifts done by Dr. Zain ul Abidin and Dr. Asma Ilyas have a high success rate and a low chance of going wrong. If a patient’s symptoms worsen or last longer than a few days, they need to see a doctor immediately. If you’re interested in a facelift to regain your youthful appearance and increase self-esteem, contact us by phone or make an appointment online.

post-op expectations

Your doctor will remove the bandages soon after your facelift treatment. Your condition should improve in three days, but the bruising and swelling will probably restrict you from doing anything for two weeks. Your doctor will prescribe painkillers that are specifically suited to your needs. You might need to make one or more appointments after surgery to treat any swelling or bruising and remove the sutures.


A facelift in Lahore can significantly improve your appearance and self-confidence. Consider your options if what you see in the mirror doesn’t match your feelings.


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