Tips For Boosting Sales During Diwali

Tips For Boosting Sales During Diwali

A lot of people wait for Diwali to remodel their homes and to buy necessities like clothing, jewellery, and furniture. In order to be able to satisfy the needs and expectations of their clients during peak periods, all types of organizations need to prepare far in advance.

Small businesses will particularly benefit from this post of business advice for the holiday season. It is possible to increase your company’s sales by planning your business operations according to the suggestions provided. As you adjust your business activities this Diwali, you will have assurance and a solid foundation to stand on.

Preparation, plans, and strategies

It is evident that businesses do not just spring up overnight; they require extensive planning and preparation in terms of purchasing, marketing, and creating strategies. Depending on your marketing objectives, you may want to consider Reliance Industries’ four Ps: place, price, product, and promotion.

The specific arrangements you can make will depend on the history of your business. Things such as estimating how much inventory is required, purchasing or manufacturing the inventory, identifying the products available at the moment, managing sales and distribution, and managing staff will all depend on your business history.

In order to achieve success in the eCommerce market and build a strong customer base, eCommerce companies should take advantage of festivals. It may also be helpful if you price the products lower than your rivals.

Marketing and branding

Typically, startups and small businesses have limited budgets. It is important for companies to allocate their marketing and advertising budgets wisely, even if they have a sufficient budget.

It is word-of-mouth marketing that is most successful. 90% of consumers read reviews before buying, according to a Spiegel study. As many as 93 percent of consumers are likely to check online reviews before doing business with a local business, according to BrightLocal. Other statistics demonstrate how reviews left by customers affect the actions of the client.

In order to meet the needs of its customers, the company should place a high priority on customer satisfaction. Marketing through social media is crucial for your business. You should respond promptly to all customer reviews, social media posts, and complaints. There must also be after-sales services available. The best time to build a loyal customer base is during festivals.

Here are a few marketing tips

India is a nation that places a high priority on its mobile devices. You will eventually reach your target audience through digital channel marketing since everyone in this country owns a mobile phone.

Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Adwords strategically is essential for selling online effectively. In order for your keyword to be effective, it should be focused on what you’re offering, such as a discount, sale, coupon, secure delivery, etc. It is more effective to write blogs and articles, share customer experiences, and share testimonials. As well as launching new products, you can use this method.

If your business sells ethnic goods, you might make a video that shows a model or individual wearing an outfit that you make from ethnic goods you sell and upload it on your website or as a vlog.

Checkout and Cart Abandonment Solutions

37% of prospective buyers did not register on a website, according to a Baymard survey. It is reported that 60% of cart abandoners are cited as extra costs, 28% are unclear about order costs, 21% are cited as website errors, 20% are cited as reasons to abandon the cart, 18% are cited as slow delivery, 11 per cent are dissatisfied with the return policy, and 4 percent are cited as credit card rejections. Buyers remove items from their shopping carts because they do not have a payment method.


PayKun offers customers a variety of payment options, so to enable them to choose their preferred method of payment, a payment gateway should be integrated.

Internet trust is a problem for Indians when using the Internet. It is a good idea to preserve the “cash-on-delivery” option as well as online payment options if your startup or small business is new.

A mobile-centric approach

According to statistics, 859 million smartphones will be in use by 2022. In 2019, 152.5 million smartphones were delivered in the top 20 smartphone markets, making it the market with the fastest growth. A growth of 1,200% is also possible in the e-commerce industry by 2026.

Mobile commerce is proving to be valuable in this instance. The Indian market is mobile-first, so you should provide both a mobile-friendly website and an app that is fully functional. Having a mobile-friendly and easy-to-navigate website may result in a good SEO.


So, take advantage of this opportunity and carve out a niche for yourself in the market by paying attention to some crucial holiday season advice. You may also find these ideas useful in the regular course of your business if it is too late for Diwali and you are planning your future startup. Now that you’ve read this, you know just how important e-commerce is this festival. You should consider going online if you haven’t already. Also, take a look diwali 2022 wishes in english by visiting on link.

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