This Spring, 13 Trends in T-Shirt Design

This Spring, 13 Trends in T-Shirt Design

We are back at the time of year 13 Trends in T-Shirt Design when we need to update our store with the most popular tee-shirt designs that fit our brand style. The good news is that you have found the right place.

People love to express their individuality through clothing, whether mugs or bags. Your customers’ fashion choices can speak volumes about you. This is why it is so important to choose the right trends.

What you’ll find:

  1. Pixel Art – NFT-Inspired Designs
  2. Anime T-Shirts
  3. Minimalist Shirts
  4. Psychedelic Designs
  5. Retro
  6. Outdoorsy
  7. Typography Trends
  8. Bold Statements
  9. Inspirational Design
  10. Support a cause
  11. Pet Shirts
  12. Artsy Trends
  13. Delicate Designs

Spring Templates are Available!

  1. Pixel Art / Designs Inspired by NFT

Because of the popularity of NFTs and metaverse and AR visuals in general, AR visuals have seen a rise in popularity. Designs inspired by these and even pixel art have also become very popular.

2.T-shirts for Anime

Manga and anime are popular design styles that have gained popularity in recent years. You should get to know your customers. If this is something that they would love to see in your store, then go for it!

3.Minimalist Shirts

T-shirt design is an example of this.

Psychedelic DesignsThis year’s fashion trends are bound to be psychedelic and very eccentric.

4. Retro T-Shirts

Nostalgia right? It has a very appealing vibe. Graphic tees are always a big hit with shoppers. But this spring, they will be able to appeal to them with retro imagery and typography. The 60s and 70s were a time of beachy and groovy vibes. This look can be achieved using typography and images reminiscent of those eras. Also, it would help to use a strong color palette appropriate for the period you are evoking.

The 90s are another era worth looking at for inspiration. Younger generations are embracing the 90s. The geometric shapes and pops in a color that was so popular during that time are making a comeback.

Regardless of the era that your retro T-shirt design is meant to invoke, remember your favorite TV shows and the music from that era.

5. Get inspired by the outdoors.

The ongoing fight for the environment reminds people to enjoy the outdoors. T-shirts inspired by nature, mountains, oceans, national parks, and wildlife are popular. Spring is the season for renewal and growth. This makes it a great time to design t-shirts inspired by nature.

6. Trends in Typography

T-shirts that have Text are trendy. What changes in the type of typography that is currently in fashion? There are many typography trends that you can try this spring to find the right one for your brand. These options are available to you so you can create various t-shirt designs.

  • Repeated Text This typography style makes it visually appealing in that repeated Text creates a bold print. There are a few ways to achieve this effect. This first style is reminiscent of plastic grocery bags with Thank You written down the front. You can also use the repeated Text stackable or as layers, similar to VSCO stickers. Each layer should have a different color to give the Text more weight. This will make it stand out and make it more noticeable.
  • Small Text – The first style is bold and heavy, but this is just the reverse. This is the idea that less is more. This trend is best reflected in minimalist typography, which is clean and simple with no embellishments.
  • Bold letters This style draws inspiration from the previous classes. The typography should be proactive and large but also simple. Large letters can be combined with a color to create a bold yet simple design that will stay on-trend.
  • Plain Text – A statement that appears on your t-shirt design with a few words. It is usually a punchline. This t-shirt design can be used with humor, sarcasm, or elegance. This is it. There are no other distractions.

7. Make a bold statement.

Although this trend sounds similar to the one mentioned, it is not the same. It does contain typography, but it is more than that. You can choose the typography trend you prefer, but the most important thing is the message printed on your shirt.

It doesn’t matter what you say. Make bold statements with bold typography trends and a clear message on your statement T-shirt. You can use this to talk about any current topic or social cause. Just make sure that your message is strong enough to grab attention.

8. Inspirational T-Shirt Designs

Positive thinking, self-care, and self-love are now given the attention they deserve. These messages are sure to be in demand as spring is all about renewal and rebirth.

To create an inspiring t-shirt design, you should combine a message and a visual element that conveys positivity. Think of phone wallpapers and backgrounds that will brighten your day. These wallpapers often include inspirational words and a cheerful design that will make you smile. The color scheme you choose can impact the Design and how it is perceived. These t-shirt design trends are significant because believing is more important than just making a profit.

9. A T-shirt Design to Support a Cause

People are taking action because there is so much happening in the world. This spring’s trend is political tees. Feminist designs support the cause. LGBTQ tee designs support the community. T-shirts related to global warming and procedures that support wildlife conservation. T-shirts with messages about gun control.

Take inspiration for your t-shirt design by looking around the world. This is an excellent opportunity to promote a cause you care about. With your t-shirt sales, you can help raise money for charity or non-governmental organizations.

10. T-shirts for pets by Design

People love their pets and will share that with everyone who listens. T-shirts featuring pets or animals, especially custom portraits, will be trendy this season. This custom aspect will appeal to shoppers, so if your skills and time permits, you should consider offering this service. You can also get on the pet T-shirt trend, with simple designs that appeal to all animal lovers.

 Easter is coming up! Grab some Easter marketing strategies to get your holiday t-shirt designs sold out!

11. Arty T-Shirts Trends

You don’t need a boring T-shirt when you can sport a piece of art. You can turn your artwork into a t-shirt and make some money if you are an artist. These pieces are often more desirable because they are unique.

It’s great because you already have a following due to your art brand, so selling your work on T-shirts will be easier. These t-shirts can be made with anything you like, from dreamy illustrations to abstract designs. Think of spring with flowing lines and vibrant colors. Indeed, your audience will love it as long as it is unique to your brand.

12. Design delicate T-Shirts

T-shirts can be worn alone or with delicate designs to reflect a calmer, more spiritual aesthetic reminiscent of spring. These t-shirts make cute spring shirts, mainly featuring natural elements like animals, flowers, and nature.

Thinking about things such as healing, growth, or wellness is essential when looking for inspiration. These themes often inspire these designs. These designs work well in all industries.

A floral tee shirt best represents this style. Flowers for spring are a new trend; we know that. In larger designs, you can use delicately drawn flowers as a background or ornamental details. You can also use them to enhance typography-based strategies.

You can also choose to be more spiritual. You can think of tarot cards, horoscopes, palmistry, crystals, or the cosmos. These inspiring and magical designs are extremely in-style because people are more connected to their inner selves and more interested in spiritual symbolism.

 Find the latest spring templates, design inspiration and tips to celebrate this season.

Keep up with the latest trends in this year’s fashion.

These design trends will help you get started. Remember that inspiration can come from what you see and the people you are a part of. What other trends do you intend to incorporate in your design work for spring?

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