An Increase In Both Safety And Security

Thermostat with a Second Layer of Safety

There are times when we remember to turn on the geyser in the bathroom, but we forget to turn it off afterwards. This can lead to an internal malfunction and overall harm to the water heater if you have an ordinary geyser. Yet, all Water Heater Singapore feature cutting-edge technology in the form of a dual overheating control system. This mechanism ensures that the power is instantly switched off in the event that the primary cut fails.

Multi-function Safety Valve

The water pressure in each apartment or house is determined by the pipelines that serve that building. The Jaquar hot water geyser adjusts to the pressure and begins to expel water at the appropriate time. This safety valve functions as a non-return valve if pressure or temperature exceeds the preset limitations. It is highly suggested for apartments that have a private water storage system for each floor, particularly if the water pressure is continuously changing. This is especially the case in situations where the water pressure is inconsistent. It is necessary to run it smoothly since it is also appropriate for different types of showerheads from Jaquar.

Brake for the Earth Leakage Circuit

The problem that an ordinary hot water geyser encounters is either touching the hot surface of the water heater or touching it when their hands are wet. This is because there is not an Earth Leakage Circuit Brake present. Actually, this feature is present in all of Jaquar’s water heaters! An Earth Leakage Circuit Brake is a safety mechanism and device that stops any user from receiving an electric shock. It adjusts the voltage of the hot water heater and stabilises any imbalances in the internal system. Increased Probability of Living a Longer Life • High-Quality Glass and Lined Inner Tank – This helps to prevent rust and corrosion, which in turn extends the life of the water heater’s inner tank. • Single/Dual Glass with Coated Incoloy Heating Elements – A strong coating of high-quality steel that both hastens the process of heating the water and inhibits the formation of scale inside the hot water geyser. • High-Quality Glass with a Lined Heating Element – The overall definition of the glass avoids any fracture or spilling and can allow your hot water heater last for years.

More Money Saved and More Advantages Received

• High-Density Insulation (CFC-free) – PUF insulation with additional thickness reduces the amount of heat that escapes from your hot water geyser and maximizes the amount of energy that is saved. The Jaquar Wellness Properties take into account every specific aspect, and this attention to detail is reflected in the text. • Cathodic Protection, in which a Magnesium Anode acts as a sacrificial shield to protect the tank from the electrochemical reactions that occur during the heating of the water. • Four Appealing Digital Features • Cordless Remote – A Wireless remote control for operational ease. • Complete Digital Display – A comprehensive digital geyser-like display that distinguishes the Elena Water Heater from a standard hot water geyser. • On/Off Timer – Set a limit to turn on and off using your wireless remote rather than manually switching it on or off. You may do this by pressing a button on the remote.

Unrivaled Excellence in Customer Service

Jaquar Bathroom geysers, instant water geysers and hot water heaters come with a warranty along with service backup. In addition, Jaguar provides a Bathroom Maintenance Service (BMS) for instant water heaters, which may be used in showers and for hassle-free bathrooms. When you need to unwind and refresh after a long, stressful day, you may make use of this bathroom geyser that also features a rain shower. Quality sets Jaquar distinct. Because of the exceptionally high standards we hold for our products, we have earned the distinction of being the bathing industry’s most coveted luxury brand.

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