The Significance of Concealed Openable Invisible Grille

The Significance of Concealed Openable Invisible Grille

In this post, we will explore the significance of Openable Invisible Grille for balcony and the reasons for installing them. Let’s get started, shall we? Living in a high-rise building has many advantages, including unimpeded beautiful views, a range of conveniences, and the feeling of living in your own little bubble, isolated from the rest of the world.

But, living in a high-rise has its drawbacks, such as the time it takes to go from your unit to your automobile. Not only that, but if you have young children and/or pets, safety issues may be your top priority.

In May 2020, a toddler died after falling from the 12th story balcony of a condominium after being left at home in an unlocked room with a younger sibling. Her death was caused by significant trauma to the head and skull, as well as multiple exterior and interior lesions, according to the autopsy.

Throughout the previous five years, there have been numerous comparable terrible occurrences in Malaysia and other nations around the world. Due to a paucity of development places or rising land prices, more condominiums or high-rise structures have been developed in recent years, particularly in capital cities.

We measured the Openable Invisible Grille for balcony multiple times at the client’s home.

As we went to her residence, a mother told us something. She informed us that she was surprised to see her three-year-old daughter climbing the fence with about half of her body leaning over the top of the balcony railing while she was away in the kitchen for a minute or two.

We noticed that curious toddlers frequently lean over the balcony. Some very brilliant and innovative children we’ve heard of have even rearranged their toys or plastic furniture to form ‘stairs’ up the balcony.

Consider the terror if something awful had occurred. With our invisible safety grille, you may reduce safety concerns while also preventing mistakes. This article discusses the significance of building an invisible balcony grill.

Why should you install an Openable Invisible Grille?

If you’re looking for Openable Invisible Grille choices, you’ll most likely come across a variety of safety grilles, including Openable Invisible Grille. When you look closely, they’re not completely invisible. But, due to the usage of small, thin wires, they appear undetectable from a distance. See why you should install an invisible balcony grill in your home:

Openable Invisible Grille can help prevent dangerous falls.

We frequently hear about incidents in which children or dogs are left alone at home, and mishaps might occur. Openable Invisible Grille for balcony can act as a protective barrier at your windows, doors, or balconies to prevent this from happening. Installing Openable Invisible Grille for balcony at your home can also provide you with piece of mind.

Openable Invisible Grille are durable.

ELELAURELS Safety Grille is constructed of superior 316L stainless steel with a 2mm internal sublayer for strength. Furthermore, each cable can endure a maximum tension of 250kg, making it extremely durable. In an emergency, the grilles can be cut using a wire cutter to allow for quick escape.

The Openable Invisible Grille will not rust.

In contrast to standard metal grilles, which rust over time, invisible Openable Invisible Grilles (invisible balcony grill) are less prone to corrosion. However, this is dependent on the grade of stainless steel utilized by your supplier/installer. If you have the option, pick 316 stainless steel because it will not corrode readily.

Balcony grills that are ‘invisible’

As the name implies, Openable Invisible Grille are barely visible from a distance. If you have a wonderful view from your balcony, you probably don’t want big metal grilles to obscure it. Furthermore, they integrate well with any contemporary home style, so you don’t have to give up your scenic views for protection and security.

Do you want to put in an invisible Openable Invisible Grille (invisible balcony grill) at your home? Before making a selection, ELELAURELS provides a free on-site consultation. For additional information, please call +65 8224 2252 or send an email to

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