The pros and cons of living on campus student accommodation

If you have been selected for your dream university, then it is time to start your search for the best accommodation. There is a wide range of options you can go with. However, before you start your search you need to understand what kind of options are suitable for you. Students who are moving to a completely new city for the very first time prefer living on campus. There are plethora of advantages and disadvantages to it. In this article, we will share some of the key points:

Advantages of living on-campus

on campus accommodation

On-campus housing is the perfect way to indulge in student life. If you live on campus, then you will have a wide range of opportunities to participate in university activities, connect with new people as well as make new friends. In addition to it, the students who like to live on the campus benefit from a distinctive way of life. Here are some of the advantages:

Meeting like-minded people

Meeting a plethora of like-minded individuals is quite amazing. When the going gets rough, your roommate or the neighbors can help you out and make you feel like there are many people around to watch out for you. It is quite easy to get accustomed to this kind of circumstance when you have a support team.


When living on-campus, it is quite unusual that you will be going anywhere alone. The students can roam around the grounds anytime. However, when you look for a friend, they are just a phone call away. Every institution has an emergency box on the campus and campus police are always around.

Easy access to the gym and library

As a student going to the gym or the library is quite common. When staying at student accommodation on campus, you can go to the gym late at night. In addition to it, the libraries make it simple to organize late-night study sessions for major examinations. Finally, if you have a roommate who is not on the same schedule as you, then you can find places where you can easily focus on your studies.


You can easily get some more sleep as your class schedule and the closeness of the classroom. The stress of finding a parking spot and also making it to the lectures on time will not be a hassle. Living on campus can provide you with the right kind of opportunity even if you don’t have time for breakfast. And if you have time within your schedule, then you can go to your dorm and rest.


In any kind of emergency situation, living on campus is bliss. There will be always an on-campus clinic that is accessible for an emergency. Many of them are open round-the-clock.


Be it the dining hall, the library, or the computer laboratories, everything is within a few minutes’ walk from your dorm. You do not have to get up at the earliest in the morning to reach the class. Walking everywhere is also good exercise.

Save your money

As the expenses are quite high, staying at the dorm is a great option. It can save money on public transit and parking by staying there instead of driving everywhere you go. Some of the dormitories offer different kinds of meals so you don’t have to spend money on food.

Disadvantages of living on campus

There are a few disadvantages of living on campus. Here are some of the key points stated below:


For the most part, dorm rooms as well as the restrooms are shared by many students. As a result, maintaining solitude or having your own privacy becomes challenging.

Space constraints

Space constraints


Many dorm rooms are quite tiny, so you will not have much space for storing any of your stuff. Since you will have to share, the rooms will get cramped. That means you must think carefully about what you should bring to the dorm and what not.


Living on campus is quite fantastic for your social life. It can also make it tough to focus on your studies. If you cannot keep yourself from going out and having fun instead of studying, then your results will get affected.

Bad Roommates

You may find it quite awkward to share a room with someone you have just met as all the roommates might not be compatible. All the first-year students live in the same dorm and if you do not find yourself in an unexpected dilemma as the number of rooms is limited you might find a lot of trouble. 


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