Cost of Study MBBS in China | Know MBBS Fees in 2023

Cost of Study MBBS in China | Know MBBS Fees in 2023

In addition to a neighboring country, China is the home of many international students who want to pursue careers in medicine. Some medical schools to study MBBS in China now offer MBBS programs, a testament to the nation’s tremendous academic development. Since China is one of the countries where many medical students, including those from Bangladesh, India, and Nepal, travel to study, students should think about earning an MBBS degree there.

A Study MBBS in China is not just very economical but also comes with a host of advantages. It offers an inexpensive medical education in comparison to other study institutions. Because Chinese schools now offer cheaper education that strongly emphasizes medical science research and development, there are now more foreign students studying there. If you want to understand everything there is to know about the cost of an MBBS in China, keep reading this website.

Factors Influencing China’s MBBS Education Cost Overall:

The expense to study MBBS in China must be considered by those who want to apply for one there. Many factors affect how China MBBS Fees are calculated. Other crucial factors, in addition to the medical institution’s tuition fees, include.

Pre-arrival fees include the cost of taking the college admissions exams, the flight, the cost of health insurance, the cost of requesting a student visa, etc.

  • Pre-arrival costs for medical school in China
  • In addition to living expenditures and China MBBS fees, you will need to plan an appropriate strategy for some pre-arrival fees of MBBS in China for Indian students.
  • Here, we discussed the pricing schemes for the pre-arrival costs.
  • Flights for a test, medical fees, student visa application fees, and health insurance

Initial Assessment:

The majority of entrance exams, which cover topics like biology, physics, chemistry, and English, are administered by the medical schools you are applying to. Nonetheless, the cost of the admissions test may vary from one university to another.

Flight Tickets:

The price of your flight from India to China may vary depending on the airline you choose. Therefore, the average airfare should be around INR 22,753.

Medical assessment:

Most medical schools require that international students familiarize themselves with their health policies and programs before their arrival. It is encouraged that students choose their insurance in universities without any university-sponsored insurance coverage. In addition to the mbbs tuition in China, the cost of the medical examination for Indian students is approximately INR 650.

Student visa costs:

The price of a student visa for an international student studying in China may vary based on the duration of stay and the kind of admittance. In China, a student visa typically costs between INR 12,000 and INR 16,700. This visa might remain valid for a year after the course is over.

Medical Insurance:

An international student enrolled in one of China’s MBBS programs must spend between INR 3,000 and INR 6,000 for six months to a year. This could alter depending on the services chosen.

These pre-arrival costs must be accounted for in your China mbbs fees. Let’s examine the post-arrival costs that students from India studying in China are obligated to pay.

Costs for MBBS Studies in China After Arrival:

The cost to study  MBBS in China may also include post-arrival costs. The expenses that must be paid on top of the China MBBS fees are listed below.

Expenses Average Costs (in RMB) Average Costs (in INR)
Monthly Rent 1,900  21,675
A Simple Supper 35 399
Internet Expense per month 20 319
Public Transportation Ticket per month 150 1,711
Electricity, Gas, and some other Utilities per month 100 1,140

Now that we are aware of the costs involved with a foreigner wanting to study in China before and after arrival. Let’s discuss how much an MBBS costs in China.

Fees for Study MBBS in China:

The price of an MBA in China for Indian students is shown in the table below. Students can use this to estimate the expenses of the MBBS programs offered by various medical institutions in China.

ersity Annual Average Fees (RMB) Annual Average Fees (INR)
Jilin University 33,000 3.76 Lakhs
Capital Medical University 55,000 6.27 Lakhs
Yangzhou University 30,000 3.42 Lakhs
Fudan University 75,000 8.55 Lakhs
Guangzhou Medical University 30,000 3.42 Lakhs
Harbin Medical University 30,000 3.42 Lakhs
Nantong Medical University 26,000 2.96 Lakhs
China Medical University 40,000 4.56 Lakhs
Qingdao University 30,000 3.42 Lakhs
Nanjing Medical University 34,000 3.87 Lakhs

Students can also look for specific international scholarships at the university that offers MBBS degrees to help with cost savings.

The cost of living for MBBS students in China:

For those looking to pursue an MBBS, China’s cost of living is rather reasonable when compared to most other countries. The price of tuition and lodging is included in the list below.

Expenses Average Monthly Costs (in RMB) Average Monthly Costs (in INR)
Accommodation cost 995 – 2,656 11,350 – 30,299
Transportation 100 – 300 1,140 – 3,422
Miscellaneous expenses 85 – 215 969 – 2,452

Scholarships for Students with MBBS in China:

China is a popular choice for MBBS students looking to study abroad among international students. The country provides high-quality, cost-effective medical education. Also, an international student should budget between INR 15,000 and INR 32,000 per month for living expenses. For more details on the pricing to study MBBS in China for Indian students, get in touch with one of our Yocket Consultants!

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