Streamline MD vs ChartLogic – Complete Analysis

Streamline MD vs ChartLogic – Complete Analysis

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  • December 9, 2022
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Streamline MD

Streamline MD, a platform for radiology professionals, focuses on improving their day-to-day operations. It can used in many specialties such as cardiac surgery, vascular surgery and endovascular. It also offers billing, EHR, and practice management services. It can use in hospitals, clinics, or practices all across the United States. It has unique features such as PACS monitoring and vitals integration that allow radiologists to work more efficiently. They also provides a single platform EHR, which allows behavioral health and human service organizations to work more efficiently.

This works with touch screen technology and has an intuitive interface. Its advanced functionality makes it easier to use and anticipates user needs. It makes use of the most current APIs to keep the software up-to-date.

Cloud-based architecture

Streamline MD EMR offers a comprehensive software profile, including reviews and pricing information. White papers, webinars and videos are also offered by the company. StreamlineMD software has so many positive aspects that it is difficult to find negative reviews. Its customer service is poor. It does not have a dedicated customer service line despite being cloud-based.

Streamline MD EHR features labs that make managing data simpler. Many tasks can automate, including collecting patient data and creating reports. It also features an intuitive reporting feature. The electronic platform transforms data into actionable intelligence which physicians can use for better patient care. Streamline MD EHR also offers Voice Dictation that allows administrators and clinicians to record notes by speaking.


Streamline MD integrated EHR solution offers a number of features, including electronic medical record, practice management and medical billing. The system streamlines clinical operations while ensuring a paperless workflow. The company does not offer pricing information online. Streamline MD sales representatives can provide a customized quote.

Streamline MD provides a range of support options including telephone and email support. Its support hours are from 6 AM to 6 PM Mountain Standard Time. ChartLogic does not offer an online trouble ticket system. However, it offers many educational resources, including whitepapers and webinars.

Streamline MD EHR Suite offers an extensive ambulatory EHR suite, which includes practice management, revenue cycle management and e-prescribing. ChartLogic EMR offers a user interface that can customize to fit your workflow. It allows you to easily view patient information, medical history, referral letters, and more. The PM module simplifies administrative tasks such as billing, registration, and collections.

ChartLogic EHR Demo


Chart Logic is cloud-based EHR has an ePrescribe function that allows patients to receive electronic prescriptions. It provides templates and specialty-specific vocabulary to facilitate the creation of patient records. It also provides comprehensive reporting to physicians and a patient portal.

The ePrescribe function is a wonderful way for doctors to better care for patients. This feature eliminates the need to have patients wait in line while the pharmacy reads their handwriting. This allows doctors to concentrate on patients and not chase patients to fill prescriptions.

Precision Voice technology

ChartLogic’s cloud-based EMR uses voice technology for patient encounters. The precisionVoice software can recognize the speech patterns of medics and allows for fluent navigation through the chart. It includes specialty-specific vocabulary as well as customizable templates that streamline documentation and cut down on time to complete records. A doctor can quickly create a patient record in as little as 90 seconds.

It is simple to use and allows for direct dictation into an EMR. It has Smart Text commands and templates built in. Voice commands can used. ChartLogic offers quick and responsive customer support via the SLC.

Flexible appointment scheduler

ChartLogic PM module comes with a flexible appointment scheduling tool that allows users to easily schedule and manage patient appointments. The appointment calendar shows available times as well as information about patient history and demographics. Multiple collection tasks can automate by the PM module, which reduces rejection and improves financial performance. It can assist with patient follow-ups, registration, claims scrub, and other tasks.

ChartLogic provide phone and email support but it is limited in terms of hours. Their support staff can only be reached between 6 AM and 6 P.M. Mountain Standard Time. This can make it difficult if you work outside these hours. Although they don’t have a trouble ticket portal, they do offer helpful tutorials and webinars.


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