Start the Year with these Trending Home Remodeling Ideas

Start the Year with these Trending Home Remodeling Ideas

The New Year begins with new ideas and new hopes. Hence, you should add a new look to your space by incorporating a few trendy remodeling ideas to your home.

If you are looking for a trusted contractor for your San Diego home remodel, then you should consider Shine Remodeling. Now, let us know about a few trending home remodeling ideas for your dream home.

Bathroom Spas

You can create a calm environment in your bathroom by converting the space into a spa. If you feel tired any day and want to relax at home then you can think about incorporating the spa bathroom into your home.

A bathroom with a large bathtub, stand-up shower, low lighting, candle holders, wind chimes, aroma diffusers, and calm colors can calm down your nerves and freshen up your mood. Think about adding built-in shelves or cabinets to keep the bathroom clean, fresh, and calm.

Bold Wallpaper

Bold wallpapers are back in trend and they are a good replacement for painting that involves lots of hard work and time. You can create an accent wall by introducing placing bold wallpapers on it.

Adding bold wallpaper will not only look trendy but also cut down your expenses and also save your time as compared to painting. However, you should not add wallpapers to all the walls as this will give a clumsy look to your home.

Large Windows

Allow the natural light to peep into your house by adding large windows in your home. Add windows to multiple walls in your home or go with a floor-to-ceiling window wall to give your home a wider look.

This can also become the focal point of your home and make the space look beautiful. Natural light will keep your home fresh, clean, and airy all the time. It will also not allow the germs to build up in your indoor area because of excess moisture build-up.

Multifunctional Island kitchen

Kitchen islands are every homeowner’s choice these days. You can use kitchen islands not only for counter space but also for other purposes. These days, homeowners are installing a sink, dishwasher, and thrash storage in the island kitchen to free up the floor space.

Moreover, you can create a breakfast counter on the kitchen island and use this space to have a chat with your friend and monitor your child’s homework right from the counter. If you want to add a large seating area in your kitchen then the island kitchen will serve your purpose efficiently.

Built-in Storage

Built-in shelves do not take too much space but they are too handy to keep your living room decorative items. You can build open or closed built-in shelves that are hidden. They are the trendiest things you can add to your home.

They will make your living room look organized and clean. Moreover, you can keep green plants on these shelves to make the space look airy and fresh. You can add pull-out shelves, cubbies in mudrooms, bathroom hooks, and stylish open shelving for bedrooms and bathrooms for decor and storage.

Add a green corner

One of the trendiest things you can add to your home is bringing nature into your space. Adding greenery to your home will brighten up your space and also purify the indoor air.

You can add the best air purifying plants into your space. Moreover, you can create a vertical plant garden to create an accent green wall. You can introduce different exotic plants to your home that will add an elegant look to your space.


A home remodeling project needs perfect planning and execution of plan with the help of a professional contractor. If you choose an inexperienced contractor in your location then you can face a lot of problems later.

If you want to have a hassle-free experience then you can contact us to hire our expert remodelers.

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