Smartsheet Software Vs Box Software: Review Analysis 2022

Smartsheet Software Vs Box Software: Review Analysis 2022

The availability of numerous project management software has made the process of selecting these applications more challenging. Except for a few unique characteristics, they all offer comparable features. Do you find it difficult to decide as well? Do not be alarmed; you are not alone. The article provides a review of Smartsheet software vs Box software. The purpose is to help readers make wiser purchasing decisions.  

Smartsheet Software?  

Smartsheet software is an enterprise-level SaaS management tool. It facilitates team collaboration, project planning, and task management. The application is capable enough to handle complex projects, procedures, and reporting requirements. Additionally, it aids in construction planning by bringing together various stakeholders and skill sets. Moreover, the Smartsheet project management application provides you with total project visibility for real-time coordination.  

Team and data silos are eliminated by the seamless sharing capabilities of the program. It also gives stakeholders access to project specifics. Adding to that, it offers managers and team members an intuitive environment where they can maintain consistency.  

Key Features of Smartsheet Software  


This feature provides widget-driven dashboards to the users with straightforward setups to view important data first. Moreover, it allows users to track costs in real-time, and evaluate a company, and project statuses.  


The best feature of the application is that you do not need an IT person or any programming experience. The software enables you to help expedite workflows, and generate automatic requests, approvals, notifications, and alarms.  


The program connects you to a variety of pre-built, third-party integrations to boost productivity. This includes syncing up with services like Google Workspace, Dropbox, Office 365, and DocuSign, among others.  

Smartsheet Demo  

Potential users of the software have the chance to try out the demo first. They can better understand the program and gain more clarity thanks to it. Customers can obtain the demo by visiting the company’s website and selecting the “Watch a Demo” option. As soon as users enter their information online, the sales team gets in touch with them.  

Smartsheet Cost  

The Smartsheet pricing plan includes the following four pricing strategies:  

  1. Free  

The package is free of cost and allows up to 1 user and 2 editors to use it. It offers the following features:  

  • 100 automation per month  
  • Help & Learning Center and Community support  
  1. Pro  

The plan costs $7 a user monthly that is billed annually. It can be availed by a maximum of 10 users. It provides everything includes in the Free package and also:  

  • Unlimited dashboards, reports, and forms  
  • 20 GB attachment storage  
  • 250 automation per month  
  1. Business  

The cost of the package is $25 per use a month billed annually. It requires at least 3 users to avail of the package. The plan offers everything in the Pro package and:  

  • Activity log  
  • Document builder  
  • Proofing  
  1. Enterprise  

The software does not mentions the pricing of this bundle. You will have to contact the sales team to get the pricing of this bundle. It includes everything in the Business package plus:  

  • Single sign-on/SAML  
  • Directory integration and account discovery  
  • Enterprise Plan Manager  

Smartsheet Review  

The software has a great user satisfaction rating with 89% favorable user responses. Moreover, it has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on GetApp and 4.3 on Trust Radius. Both are credible software review websites.  

Box Software  

Box software provides a safe, digital workplace that boosts employee productivity and team collaboration from anywhere. It is a cloud-based management solution. Box project management software also streamlines collaborative business processes. It spreads intelligence throughout the extended corporation.  

Moreover, the system pays special consideration to security, especially when it comes to collaboration and workflow. For instance, a user can use passwords that have an expiration date to secure their shared connections. Or, they can see the frequency and times at which a certain piece of material is seen and edited. Box enables users to share content with parties outside of the business regardless of the device they use.  

Key Features of Box Software  

Task Automation  

Users can automate the repetitive tasks that are crucial to their firm by using the task automation feature. It also includes HR onboarding and contract administration. Additionally, the application enables you to focus on important tasks.  

Identity and Access Management  

You can utilize IP whitelisting and a VPN with the application to prevent agents and customers from accessing their accounts. Additionally, a single sign-on script allows them to access this from any location.  


You can use this feature to build an automated workflow process that quickly moves documents from one phase to the next. It enables you to speed up the reviewing, approval, onboarding, and offboarding procedures by sending reminders. You can also monitor the progress of your files.  

Box Demo  

On its website, the company offers numerous product demo videos. By visiting the official website, you may easily obtain free access to it. Additionally, you can request a free demo of the software from independent vendors.  

Box Pricing  

The software offers the following 4 pricing packages:  

  1. Business  

The package costs $15 a user monthly and requires at least 3 users to avail of it. It offers the following:  

  • Unlimited storage  
  • Technical Support during local business hours  
  • 1,500+ integrations like Microsoft Office and Teams, Salesforce, Google Workspace, Slack, and more  
  1. Business Plus  

The plan costs $25 per user a month and requires at least 3 users to avail of the package. It offers the following:  

  • Data loss protection  
  • Advanced search filters  
  • Custom metadata and metadata templates  
  1. Enterprise  

The cost of this package is $35 and it offers the following features:  

  • HIPAA/FedRAMP compliance  
  • Document watermarking  
  • 2FA for external users  
  1. Enterprise Plus  

The cost of this bundle is not available on the official website of the application. You can contact the sales team to get the pricing of this bundle. It offers the following:  

  • Box Shuttle  
  • Box Platform  
  • Box Zones  

Box Review  

The Box software reviews are very positive on several credible software review websites. It has an excellent rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Capterra and 4.2 on G2.   


Making a purchasing decision will be simpler now that you are well-versed in both pieces of software. However, both applications offer a variety of functions and have positive user feedback. Thus, it is the needs of the company’s requirements, size, and resources that determine which software will suit it the best. 

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