Shoo Your Fire Concerns Away With CenturyPly Firewall Technology

Shoo Your Fire Concerns Away With CenturyPly Firewall Technology

Looking for a better alternative to replace conventional plywood and switch to one which is safe and can be used indoors. Fret not; you are in the right place. Keep reading to figure out the one-stop solution to all your concerns about building top-quality interiors.

The CenturyPly plywood is a responsible choice you have got to make while constructing the inside realm of your homes. It is a product that took many years to compose with all the cutting technology and infrastructure. It had undergone thorough research before getting formulated. Doing the interiors of your home can be a daunting task. However, with this new technology, it has been made effortless and secure to create a safe place for existing.

Why CenturyPly Firewall Technology?

The question can arise out of both curiosity and concern. Nevertheless, the answer can give you some peace of mind. Widely acclaimed for its fire-resisting property, the CenturyPly firewall Technology infused in plywood can take better precautions against the frenzied spread of any fire that breaks out uncontrollably. It has an intense low flammability reading on a fireline coupled with a low rate of fire occurrence. It is blessed with a wonderful capacity to thwart the worsened effect of an all-consuming fire by delaying its penetration into the atmosphere and to the other layers of the earth.

Further,  it is ideal for both interiors and exteriors and has a broad spectrum of applications, including in sectors like IT, the health sector, the naval sector, the commercial sector etc.

Have a detailed look at the benefits of firewalls to make the purchase. Here are the golden reasons for adopting CenturyPly firewall technology.

  • The sole authentic 5509 plywood available in the market, which promises safety and security.
  • Not only conforms with Indian standards, even compatible with the all-famous ASTM E84 international standard.
  • Enhanced resistance properties with its nano engineering particles that demonstrate high resistance to flame infiltration and the kindling of a fire.
  • Smoke is constricted, and so are the gas emissions. It contains chemicals that reduce the toxicity of gasses and thus are known to bring the situation under control.
  • Slow rate of fire infiltration can be considered a boon. It takes almost 50 minutes to catch fire on a 19mm layer of veneers of plywood, giving enough time to contain the spread of fire.
  • Cutting-edge structures and adhesives used to conjoin the various layers of plywood is a key in preventing the layers from getting burnt abruptly.
  • A warranty that lasts two decades is an additional plus to this already groundbreaking technology.

Additional benefits

The CenturyPly plywood infused with firewall technology is of tremendous value in the market. Its above-listed functions are sufficient enough to call it a unique firewall creation. Accident-prone areas are more than equipped if they house firewall technology-enabled plywood. It can literally save humankind with its self-extinguishing property after the removal of a source and avert the worst consequences of a huge disaster. This innovative creation does not demand any extra costs for its added benefits. Such features are hard to come by.

Standard plywood and Firewall technology comparison

It can be confusing to choose between standard plywood and fire retardant plywood for designing your interior. Well, if you consider safety a priority, the firewall comes first, owing to its fire-resisting prowess. Years of testing, analysis and technical input have gone into its composition, which is why it is established as a reliable technological innovation.

When it comes to standard plywood, it readily catches fire, leaving a trail of burnt sheets. As a consequence of this, lethal gases get released within a few couple of minutes of ignition. This, in turn, leads to a myriad of respiratory problems, such as breathing difficulties and other respiratory illnesses.


In conclusion, the plywood infused with firewall technology is safe, secure and worth every penny. It is non-leachable and does not cause any harm while burning. The low flammability rate of the firewall makes it less prone to ignition and penetration. It is available on CenturyPly digital platforms, and you can easily purchase it from their website. Be it a kiosk or cafe. There is no better way to protect your property from undesirable events. The CenturyPly firewall is proof that you can safeguard your valuable assets and make your loved ones feel secure.


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