Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) Free Zone

Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) Free Zone

Sharjah is the third largest of the 7 emirates in the UAE. The UAE is recognized as a global trading hub, where the non-oil sector contributes to 70% of the GDP – 45% of which is contributed by Sharjah’s trading activities. Setting up a business in Sharjah is simple due to the emirate’s business-friendly laws and modern infrastructure. Sharjah Media City, or Shams, was launched in January 2017 with a vision to be a world-class hub for media and creativity in the region. Like other free zones, Sharjah free zone also issues licenses to companies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs wanting to set up a business.

Types of Licenses in Sharjah Media City Free Zone

  1. Service License

A service license is meant for business rendering services as a primary objective and utilizing goods to provide them.

  1. Trading License

A trading license is required for the movement of goods, wholesale and retail sale of goods, and rendering of services related to the sale of these goods.

  1. Industrial License

An industrial license is for the production, reproduction, transformation, and manufacturing of goods.

  1. Holding License

A holding license grants one the right to hold a company’s assets and/or stakes.

Key Benefits of Setting up a Company in Sharjah Media City Free Zone

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • 100% free transfer of funds
  • 0% import and export duties
  • 0% corporate tax for 50 years
  • Company setup option starts from AED 11,500
  • One is not required to be present physically in the UAE to start a business
  • Inexpensive workforce and easy recruitment procedure
  • All documentation issued within 2 days
  • Cost-effective licensing
  • No-Objection Certificate (NOC) is not required to start a business
  • Companies will be limited in liability

Company Formation Types in SHAMS Free Zone

  • Shams LLC

A Shams Limited Liability Company (LLC) is an independent entity whereby the company structure separates the owners and the shareholders from the company.

  • Shams Branch

A Shams branch is an entity belonging to an existing parent company. All the profits and losses belonging to the branch will be the respective profits and losses of the parent company.

Facilities Provided by Sharjah Media City Free Zone

  • Dedicated Desk

These are basically fixed spaces, meaning the enterprise has to work only in the space provided. It is ideal for today’s entrepreneurs seeking flexible space and networking opportunities.

  • Shared Desk

It is a common space shared by like-minded individuals, i.e., individuals who have started a business and cannot afford separate offices. Its modern aesthetic and practical setup makes it a pleasant environment.

  • Dedicated Office

A dedicated office is an assigned lockable office space that can be used individually. Ranging from a single desk space or possibly a group of desks, it offers a private working environment while encouraging individual collaboration.

  • Shared Office

A shared office gives more private space and allows for networking opportunities.

  • Creative Units

These units have stand-alone offices, studios, showrooms, and community areas. But this space is currently under construction.

Steps to Start a Business in Media City Free Zone

The steps are as follows

  1. Decide on the legal structure of the business
  2. Choose the business activity
  3. Registration of a trading name
  4. Apply for a license
  5. Open a business bank account
  6. Arrange lease for office premises

Why Sharjah Media City Free Zone?

Free zones are the most viable option when an entrepreneur wants to set up a business in the UAE. Since there are many free zones in all 7 emirates, choosing one free zone to set up the company becomes difficult. Here’s a list of why one should choose Sharjah media city free zone for business setup in free zones.

  • Flexible Office Options

As mentioned in the list, Shams provide flexible office options. Currently, it offers flex-desk packages which allow entrepreneurs to use the free zone’s state-of-the-art business facilities on an ad-hoc basis. The free zone city is currently under construction but is said to have facilities like a residential boulevard, a community plaza, and a series of restaurants, shops, and hotels.

  • Straightforward Setup

The two-step process of Sharjah Media City makes this free zone popular among investors. It includes meeting the Shams officials with the required documents, signing the official memorandum, and submitting passport copies after approval.

  • Perform a Broad Range of Business Activities

Shams is open to a broad range of business activities – over 200, in fact, including bookkeeping, HR, plumbing, publishing, hospitality, and wholesale. It is home to retailers, events, e-commerce companies, and management consultancies.

  • Flexible Visa Packages

For the shared desk facility, entrepreneurs can apply for up to 6 visas for their employees. In addition, Shams’ visas will allow holders to sponsor family members and dependents.

Commitbiz – One-Stop-Shop for SHAMS Company Formation

Now that you have gone through the types of business setup, benefits, and facilities provided by the Sharjah Free zone, the next ideal thing to do is company formation in Sharjah free zone. There are many steps to be undertaken, some complex, some less so, to register your business in the free zone with the help of company formation consultants in UAE. Firstly, you have to choose the type of business activity and then decide upon a company name, register the same with the Shams authorities, complete your registration, open a bank account, and apply for any visas that may be required. However, these simple steps can be time-consuming and confusing for an ex-pat. Therefore the first port of call will always be to hire a consultant who will look through all the processes of your company setup. Suppose you want to set up a company in Sharjah free zone company formation.

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