Quality Checks, Just a Tap Away with CenturyPly

Quality Checks, Just a Tap Away with CenturyPly

Purchasing high-quality plywood is a difficult task because there are so many multiple types that it is hard to determine which one has the best quality. The most crucial aspect that you should always examine before purchasing any plywood is the build quality. To choose the highest quality plywood for your needs, it is crucial to at least have a basic understanding of plywood.

Since the Indian plywood industry is filled with selling fake plywood. Because plywood is a wood-based product, it might be challenging for customers to distinguish between real plywood and fake ones.

Numerous elements contribute to plywood’s high quality. It could be difficult and not a good idea to buy the plywood if you check them out as an individual who is unfamiliar with purchasing plywood. Because of this, CenturyPly, the best-known brand of plywood, created a unique solution with the aid of technology.

CenturyPly has created an application that can be used in a variety of ways while buying plywood. The app is called CenturyPromise app, it is an easy-to-use application that ensures that, as a customer, you are buying the original plywood that is high-quality and will serve longer.

CenturyPly has developed an application that can be utilized in several ways when buying plywood. The simple-to-use app, called CenturyPromise, makes sure that you are purchasing original plywood that is of top quality and will last for a longer period.

What is the CenturyPromise app?

An app called CenturyPromise can assist users to determine whether a piece of plywood bears the genuine CenturyPly brand name or is fake. To obtain the information, you must scan the QR code located on each of CP’s items. The app will then indicate whether the products are genuine or imposters. However, don’t get confused as CenturyPromise and Century Eshop are not the same.

Features of the CenturyPromise app

  • E-warranty certificate available
  • Smartphone and Tablet compatible
  • Confirms the authenticity of the product
  • Free of cost
  • Available on the iOS app store and Android PlayStore

Contractors, dealers, merchants, and customers can all use the CenturyPromise app. Customers can use it to check the legitimacy of the plywood they bought, obtain an electronic warranty certificate, and keep up with the latest deals and discounts.

By being upfront about the legitimacy of their products, dealers, contractors, and merchants can utilize the app to win customers’ trust. They can also provide customers with Electronic plywood warranty certifications on their devices.

You can generate an e-warranty certificate after scanning all of the products, which can be downloaded to your phone and will also be mailed to your registered e-mail ID. The CenturyPromise app is compatible with both phones and tablets and has a user-friendly UI for the convenience of the user. It is brilliant software to use to determine whether a piece of plywood is authentic or a clone.

Even after providing so many features, the CenturyPromise app does not request any additional money because it is completely free to use. Both iOS and Android devices can use the application.

How does the CenturyPromise application work?

The CenturyPromise app will provide information on the product name, specifications, and the date of manufacturing where the selected product was produced after scanning the QR code. A message confirms that the chosen item is a genuine CenturyPly product.

After the product has been scanned, you will receive a message with information about it, including the product’s name, size, wood’s name, thickness, date of manufacturing, and unique code. Through the app, you may give your thoughts and view offers and promotions.  For the application to function properly, your smartphone needs to be connected to the internet.

How to set up the CenturyPromise application?

From your app store or play store, download the CenturyPromise app. As soon as you download it, you must log in with your credentials or, if you are a first-time user, create an account. To scan QR codes, look for an in-app scanner. You have two options for entering a QR code into an app: manually or via a scanner. A notification confirming the authenticity of your product will show up on your screen if it is original.

Final Overview

CenturyPly has always been creative when it comes to creating new products, but this time, it has created a tool to educate and inform customers about the authenticity of the plywood they purchase. Therefore, be sure to use the CenturyPromise app to identify original plywood.

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