Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease: What can and can Not Work

Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease: What can and can Not Work

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  • April 21, 2023
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Due to age, genetics, lifestyle, and multiple other factors, people may wonder whether or not they are at risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi, an expert dementia specialist, believes that when the speculation of risks is high, it will be ideal to prevent this disease. But it should also be realized that when it comes to the prevention of Alzheimer’s, there are certain practices available with varying degrees of success. Hence, they may or may not work, in sync with several factors. According to Mr. Sodhi, both types of practices should be understood to prevent this condition as much as possible.

Can You Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?

Prior to learning how this disorder can be prevented, one should know to what extent this is possible. Mr. Sodhi explains that long before the symptoms of this condition show up, changes start occurring in the brain. Their occurrence can be observed several years prior.

Provided that measures are adopted to prevent Alzheimer’s during this time, it can be possible to achieve success. Or else, in case prevention is not attained, delaying the arrival of this brain disorder may be seen.

What can Prevent Alzheimer’s?

Some measures can help people who believe they are at risk of getting affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi adds that these measures can include focusing on physical activities, blood pressure, etc. Most importantly, they should comprise benefits for cognition, says the dementia specialist.

  1. Control Blood Pressure Levels

The condition of the heart and the development of this brain disorder can share a certain link. One of the factors relating to heart health is blood pressure. High blood pressure can increase the risk of strokes and other severe conditions. These may contribute to the development of the said disorder.

In the view of Mr. Sodhi, maintaining blood pressure levels can positively affect your heart health. The dementia specialist adds that this can significantly work to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Engagement in Physical Activities

Activities or exercises that keep you physically active can bring along some benefits for your brain. In particular, they can help in maintaining cognition. With cognitive processes maintained, Alzheimer’s may not be fully prevented. It can, however, be delayed.

In relation to physical activities, there are other reasons too why delaying this condition can be an attainable goal:

  • They can maintain mobility.
  • Chronic diseases can be prevented which can otherwise be risk factors for Alzheimer’s.
  1. Consider Training for Cognition

There are certain training practices that focus on improving or maintaining cognition. When diseases like Alzheimer’s have to be prevented, such practices may help. They can include improving your memory, enhancing reasoning, etc. Especially when there are chances of cognitive decline, this measure should be considered.

What can not Prevent or Delay Alzheimer’s Disease?

It is important to be aware of factors or things that can speed up the development of dementia such as Alzheimer’s. Processes like aging are one of these. However, this process remains beyond control. Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi opines that some of the controllable ones can include injuries and lifestyle factors.

  1. Adopting a Poor Lifestyle

A poor lifestyle is linked to various health concerns. While some can be simple to deal with, others can be challenging as well as invite long-term consequences. Alzheimer’s disease is among such health conditions.

When your lifestyle comprises unhealthy habits, being sedentary, poor sleep patterns, etc., preventing this brain disorder will be difficult.

  1. Injuries to Head

Getting injured is not always in the control of a person. But Mr. Sodhi suggests that to the possible degree, preventive measures should be ensured in situations wherein such injuries can take place and later cause Alzheimer’s.

Driving is one such activity that should be done when proper safety measures are ensured. For those who are involved in sports, the same holds to be true.

To Sum up the Above

Preventing Alzheimer’s disease is important. But complete prevention is still a subject of discussion. Nevertheless, by knowing what can and can not work, Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi believes that people can get help. With this information, they can lower the chances of getting this disease.

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