Patient Perspectives: Honest Reviews of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital Delhi

Patient Perspectives: Honest Reviews of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital Delhi

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  • April 13, 2023
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Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital (RGCH) has always been one of the top choices for cancer treatment in India. Many people from foreign countries also visit this hospital for treatment. Their results and honest reviews talk about their success. But, the situation when someone gets to know they have cancer is stressful, and in that situation, it gets hard to find a good hospital. 

This is when honest reviews can help choose hospitals. It’s essential to know from the patients themselves who have undergone treatment and what they have to say about the experience. To understand in detail patients’ experiences, let’s read about Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital Delhi reviews.

Patient Reviews

  • Nirav Kumar

It was the worst day of my life when I was diagnosed with cancer. My relatives suggested that I visit RGCH for treatment, where my case was given to Dr Mudit Aggarwal and his team. I was still depressed about chemo and other therapies, but Dr Mudit and other staff helped me gain positivity to believe in the treatment and trust the process. It did help me get some courage, and now finally, now that I am cancer-free, I am thankful to the entire team. 

  • Gaurav Prakash

I had my chemotherapy done at RGCH. The staff was helpful throughout the journey. The premises were clean and well-maintained. The doctors and the staff were knowledgeable enough to explain everything in detail. Overall, I am grateful to the doctors who helped me pass this journey with ease. 

  • Navya BR

My daughter was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer. Dr Deepak and Dr Rohela were heading the treatment. It was tough to see her go through all treatments, but we had hope in the hospital and team. The hospital is well-equipped with all the facilities and the latest infrastructure. Most of our days were spent at the hospital, but there was no home-sick kind of feeling like in other hospitals. That made my daughter feel happy; she felt at home. The staff heard our concerns and gave personalised care to our daughter. We are thankful to all the amazing people working at RGCH. 

  • Pakhi Rawat

Everything at RGCI is a big plus. I was referred to this hospital by my friend, though I didn’t have cancer. I visit the hospital for my regular check-up. I have a family history of breast cancer. It has been 4 years and I am seeing them improve not just in terms of services but overall. 

Dr Swarupa Mitra is one of the kindest ladies I have met. She was the first person I consulted, and from the first day till now, she has been kind enough to guide me on my diet, medicine, and treatment if necessary. I have been following all her prescriptions and can see my condition improve overall. 

Well, these were all the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute doctors’ review that can help you make an informed decision on your treatment. The role of reviews cannot be underestimated. They can tell you in and out about a hospital and its services. If you’re considering treatment for yourself or anyone you know who is suffering from cancer, it’s important to take a glimpse of testimonials. 

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