MCSE Certification Training in Dubai With NlpTech

MCSE Certification Training in Dubai With NlpTech

Training for the Microsoft Azure Foundations Certification in Dubai

For professionals wishing to start a lucrative cloud computing career, Microsoft Azure Foundations (AZ-900) certification training in Dubai is an entry-level course. This one-day instructor-led Microsoft Azure Basics course in Dubai offers a fundamental overview of the MCSE Certification training in dubai. The 2-day Microsoft Azure Foundations training in Dubai will be delivered as live online training and will combine theoretical lessons with hands-on lab exercises.

Participants in this AZ-900 course will also gain a comprehensive understanding of the Microsoft Azure platform in terms of networking, security, compliance, storage, privacy, and other topics. They will also learn about many aspects of cloud computing.

This Microsoft Azure Foundations course is perfect for anyone wishing to move their mission-critical business services to the cloud or a hybrid environment, whether they are an individual or an enterprise. In this regard, the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals training in Dubai is quite well-liked, and employers in all industry sectors value this credential highly.

Delivering this Microsoft Azure Basics training in Dubai and all other significant US locations is Koenig Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Partner. Participants do not need any prior knowledge as this AZ-900 certification training is a beginner-level course. Those who sign up for this Microsoft Azure Foundations certification training in Dubai will receive a copy of the course materials as well as a certificate of completion.

Register for the Microsoft Azure Foundations (AZ-900) certification training in Dubai right now by looking at the dates shown below.

You’ll discover:

Concepts of Clouds

Using the Cloud

Cloud advantages

sorts of cloud services

Azure Architecture and Services

Fundamental Repairs

Exam AZ-900 preparation is provided through this course. Download the course materials, then use Qubits42 to check your knowledge.

Online Training Live (Duration: 8 Hours)

public one-on-one

400 Incl. The official curriculum

4 Hours

8 Hours

the weekdays


Choose a Start Date.

Time of Start: Anytime

12 AM

12 PM

Choose a time zone

One-on-one instruction is assured to succeed (GTR)

Group Instruction

200 per participant, included. The official curriculum


GTR Co-Students, April 1,

6 p.m. to 2 a.m. PKT

8 hours each day


GTR Co-Students 03 April

from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM PKT

8 hours each day


GTR Co-Students 03 April

9 p.m. to 5 a.m. PKT

8 hours each day


GTR Co-Students 17 April

PKT 5:00 PM – 1:00 AM

8 hours each day


GTR Co-Students 27-28 April

4 a.m. to 8 a.m. PKT

(4 hrs. per day)


GTR Co-Students from May 8

from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM PKT

8 hours each day


May 8 GTR

IST: 9:00 AM–5:00 PM

8 hours each day


GTR Co-Students from May 15

7 p.m. to 3 a.m. PKT

8 hours each day

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Privacy Principles

Course requirements

Although there are no prerequisites for enrolling in the Microsoft Azure Basics training, it would be advantageous to have a fundamental awareness of IT-related broad technical topics.

What Makes Koenig’s Az 900 Microsoft Azure Foundations Training in Dubai a Good Option?

entry-level certification with no prerequisite training

Benefit from the widely used Microsoft Azure platform.

Start the Azure Certification track by taking the AZ-900 exam.

Clear your AZ-900 exam with the help of knowledgeable teachers and practical labs.

opens up opportunities for a variety of technical vocations

Essential Elements of the Dubai AZ-900 Training Course

Microsoft Azure (AZ-900) Certification Training with Instructor

Get a free 1-hour preview to become familiar with cloud concepts.

Expert Microsoft Azure teachers worldwide

Businesses created approved Microsoft Azure instructional materials.

Certificate of Successful Completion of a Recognized Course

Use the Fly Me a Trainer option and 1-to-1 training.

training offered in more than 100 locations worldwide

Exam Format for the Microsoft Azure Foundations (AZ-900) Certification

Exam Title

Windows AZ-900


Windows Azure



Exam Fee

USD 99.00*

Total inquiries

40 to 60 inquiries

Minimum Score


Exam Length

90 Minutes


Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, German, French, and English

Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Skills Measured

Explain the idea of clouds (15–20%)

Core Azure services described (30–35%)

Explain compliance, security, privacy, and trust (25–30%)

Explain the prices, SLAs, and lifecycles of Azure (20–25%).

Dubai City

With almost 3.4 million residents, Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates and the capital of the Emirate of Dubai. Oil wealth helped Dubai’s economic boom in the early 1980s and aided in the city’s rapid transformation into one of Western Asia’s major commercial centers. Nowadays, Dubai’s economy depends on a variety of industries, including tourism, aviation, trade, financial services, real estate, and oil.

Dubai’s economy is so well-diversified that it is only somewhat dependent on income from oil; in fact, more than 95% of GDP comes from sources other than oil. Dubai is becoming a major global center for technology, housing major MNCs including EMC, IBM, HP, Microsoft, Dell, Oracle, BBC, Sky, CNN, and more. Microsoft Azure Basics Training in Dubai will assist professionals to learn how data is analyzed to generate insights that help in better decision-making as businesses adopt cutting-edge technologies and best practices to remain competitive.

Professionals who wish to learn how to utilize the AZ 900 tool to perform data analysis and build unique visualizations for dashboards and reports will benefit greatly from the Microsoft Azure Basics Course in Dubai. To advance in their individual careers, data analysts, business analysts, and other professionals can enroll in this Microsoft AZ 900 course in Dubai.

Etihad Airways, Kyoto Technologies, Adecco, Paraminfo, Techgig, Legacy Emirates Group, Marc Ellis, WakeCap, Cynosure Solutions, and others are among the top organizations employing certified Microsoft AZ 900 specialists. In Dubai, the average annual pay for certified Microsoft AZ 900 workers can range from AED 82,000 to AED 186,000.

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