MBBS in China Fee Structure At Affordable Prices

MBBS in China Fee Structure At Affordable Prices

Fee Structure for MBBS in China in 2023

Although Pakistani students are only accepted into local colleges at a rate of 7% annually, many deserving and intellectual students lose out on the opportunity, making the MBBS in China Fee Structure program in China quite affordable in comparison to local Pakistani universities. As long as the Chinese university is on the PMC-approved list of Chinese medical universities, MBBS entrance in China is fairly simple.

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Only 45 of the more than 200 medical schools that offer MBBS/BDS programs in English or another language are also MOE-listed schools for those programs. China’s MBBS program is a low-cost institution that offers high-quality medical training and diplomas that meet international standards. The most expensive tuition packages are offered by a select group of colleges that also happen to be the best medical schools. In China, the MBBS program lasts six years, including the final year of the internship or clinical rotation.

To be eligible for admission to the MBBS program, prospective candidates must achieve at least a 65% F.Sc in their intermediate and pre-med courses. Details of the MBBS program in China for Pakistani students include the following information:

Cost Structure for the MBBS Program at Jiangsu University

Program Details

Annual tuition is Rs. 886518.

Fees for applications: Rs. 10429

Student physical examination: Rs. 10429

Rs. 15644 for student insurance

Deposit for lodging: Rs. 13037

Deposit for Student Residents: Rs. 10429

Rs. 15644 for textbooks

Rs. 26074 is the cost of living.

Student housing costs range from Rs. 117333 to 127762 per year.

Six years of tuition equals Rs. 5,319,108.

Fee Structure for the MBBS Program at Shantou University Medical College

Program Details

10,429,62 rupees per year for tuition

Total tuition for six years was Rs. 62,57,775

Rs. 15,644 is the application cost.

The rent is Rs. 13037 per month.

Rs. 20859 per year for insurance

Payment Schedule for the BBS Program at Nanjing Medical University

Program Details

Fee for registration: Rs. 13037

Annual tuition is Rs. 886518.

Student Deposit: Rs.104296 (Refundable).

Rs. 5,319,108 in total tuition costs (6 years)

Fee for Medical Examination: Rs. 14079

Permit to Reside Rs. 10429

The books cost Rs. 20859.

Student housing costs Rs. 157163 per year

the Medical School at Zhejiang University

Program Details

The annual tuition is Rs. 1115969.

Fee for registration: Rs. 10429

Permit to Reside: Rs. 10429 annually

Rs. 6,695,819 in total tuition fees (6 years)

Physical Exam 10429 Rupees

Rs. 471,491 for student housing (twin rooms) every academic year (excluding water and electricity bills)

The yearly cost of miscellaneous (food) is Rs. 208,592.

Medical University of TIANJIN

Program Details

The entry cost is Rs. 20859.

The annual tuition is Rs. 1251555.

Rs.19555 for a student’s physical (1st year)

Rs. 1,251,555 in total tuition fees over six years

Textbook cost: Rs. 101688 (one time)

Rs. 13037 for a student residence permit

Rs. 300373 for student housing (double room) (per academic year)

Shandong College

Program Details

Annual tuition is Rs. 1173332.

Application for Students Rs. 10429

Permit to Reside Rs. 20859

Rs. 7,039,996 in total tuition costs (6 years)

Rs. 15644 for student insurance

Rs. 26074 for a book

Student Physical Examination: Rs. 13037

Rs. 26074 for a student visa

Living costs range from Rs.26074 to Rs.52148

Invoice for students: Rs. 15644 (Refundable)

Student Housing (Double Room), Rs. 375466 annually

Capital University of Medicine

Program Details

Tuition for students: Rs. 20859

Rs. 1398873 (tuition plus management fees) (First year)

Rs. 25275 for the student application fee

Rs. 5,961,834 in total tuition costs (6 years)

Rs.842 in service charges (one time)

Accommodation for Students (per year): Rs.195555 to Rs.286814

Rs. 15644 for student insurance

Living expenses range from Rs.57362 to Rs.73007 a month.

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