Know Everything About Student Accommodation Bloomington

Know Everything About Student Accommodation Bloomington

Bloomington is undoubtedly has a distinctive personality inviting everyone to take part in fostering a sense of community. It’s a warm, secure, and welcoming place that welcomes guests and thoughts from all over the world. There are both doers and dreamers in this metropolis. You are welcome in Bloomington whether you are here for study, work, pleasure, or to make this your permanent home.

The city’s vibrant energy, breathtaking landscape, outdoor activities, top-notch educational possibilities, Big Ten athletic events, strong local companies, active arts scene, and distinctive dining and retail options are all things you’ll love.

Bloomington is a lovely town that is home to Indiana University, whose campus is frequently cited as one of the best in the country and which has been declared a Tree City. Talent retention and attraction are aided by a wide range of support services and entrepreneurial networks in Bloomington.

Areas of Bloomington


bloomington places


There are a number of neighbourhoods and suburbs in Bloomington where students can live while attending school there. You can reserve student housing in Bloomington in a variety of locations that vary in proximity to your preferred university and in terms of traffic, transit, amenities, and other factors. Below are a few of Bloomington’s most well-known neighbourhoods.

McDoel Gardens

McDoel Gardens is a historic neighbourhood that is ideal for history fans and antique lovers. It was the site of Bloomington’s former industrial town, which was centred upon industries and limestones. This neighbourhood in Bloomington is warm and welcoming to individuals of all ages and origins; it would be a fantastic location to reserve your student accommodation Bloomington.

Sunny Slopes

One of Bloomington’s more recent neighbourhoods, Sunny Slopes is situated about two miles south of the city. With homes constructed in a variety of architectural styles over the years, this neighbourhood has one of the most varied architectural styles in the entire city. Sunny Slopes is a bustling and attractive area to put your student housing because it is a sunny neighbourhood.

Ridge Park

The city’s east and west both contain this sizable neighbourhood. During your visit to the city, you can share one of the majority of ranch-style homes in Park Ridge. It’s a terrific site to book distinctive student housing and have a different study abroad experience.

Maples Heights

Maples Heights is another old-fashioned neighbourhood with a rich history. Its status as a historic neighbourhood is a result of the structures that have been conserved in the region and the residents’ commitment to ensuring their safety. This one will undoubtedly appeal to history aficionados, who would love to call it home!


This Bloomington suburb is renowned for its tranquilly and peaceful atmosphere. If you’re looking for student housing in Bloomington, this small and charming neighbourhood is a terrific choice because it gives you access to a tonne of amenities and puts you close to the city’s centre.

Living expenses in Bloomington


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Living in Bloomington is not too expensive. Housing costs are 12% less expensive in the city than the national average, and utility costs are 5% less expensive. Petrol prices and other transportation costs are 1% more than the national average. The city’s grocery costs are, however, 4% less than the national average. The average estimated cost of living in Bloomington is roughly $1578, which typically covers necessities like transportation, shopping, food, and entertainment. 

Life in Bloomington

One of the nicest places to live in Indiana is Bloomington. Residents of Bloomington can enjoy a mix of urban and suburban living, and the majority of people there rent their homes. There are numerous restaurants and parks in Bloomington. In Bloomington, where many young professionals reside, people have a tendency to hold moderate political views. High praise is given to Bloomington’s public schools. Spending time in this vibrant city is never boring!

Things to Do in Bloomington

In Bloomington, there are many exciting things to do and wonderful locations to visit. The city offers a vibrant arts and entertainment scene in addition to a rich history and cultural heritage. In the city of Bloomington, there is never a shortage of things to do or see. The attractions in Bloomington are suitable for a wide range of people with various interests.

The following are some of Bloomington’s top attractions that you should visit while there!

  • Monroe Lake
  • Downtown Bloomington
  • WonderLab Museum
  • Hoosier National Forest

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