Intergy EMR Vs InSync EMR: Battle for the Best One

Intergy EMR Vs InSync EMR: Battle for the Best One

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  • December 9, 2022
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Whether you are a physician searching for an EHR platform or a medical practice owner in need of an upgrade, you need to know the differences between Intergy EMR and InSync EMR. These two EHR platforms are similar in many ways, but they are also vastly different.

Cloud-based Intergy EHR platform

Choosing the right EHR platform can make a big difference to your practice’s efficiency and financial success. When comparing a cloud-based Intergy EHR platform vs Insync EHR platform, you need to consider your practice’s needs and budget. The best EHR platforms have several features that can be tailored to your practice.

Besides being an EHR, Intergy also offers a practice management platform, a patient portal, and messaging features. These features can help you engage with patients and streamline your workflows.

With Intergy, you can easily customize your practice’s workflows to improve efficiency. You can also use analytics to increase revenue and track care gaps. It is also very user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and automate tasks.

Another benefit of using Intergy is its e-prescribing functionality. You can send patients their prescriptions immediately, and you can pre-populate notes with common visit types.

With Intergy, you can also customize your pricing. Prices are determined according to the size of your practice and specialties.

Specialty-focused InSync EMR platform

Originally developed for medical transcription, InSync Healthcare Solutions now offers a fully-integrated, cloud-based EMR platform for all types of healthcare practices. The company’s products are designed to streamline the clinical experiences of practitioners and organizations, improving efficiency, profitability, and profitability.

InSync’s cloud-based EMR/EHR system offers an intuitive interface that streamlines the appointment scheduling process and increases the quality of care. It is also designed to enhance compliance with regulatory requirements and increase the efficiency of care delivery. The system can be used on any mobile device with an internet connection.

InSync EMR also offers medical transcription services and practice management software. Its e-prescribing solution allows providers to quickly and safely electronically prescribe controlled substances. The system also integrates with a patient’s pharmacy. It also offers telehealth solutions, allowing providers to schedule telemedicine sessions with patients.

InSync’s specialty-specific EHR software helps healthcare practitioners spend more time with patients, improving efficiency and reducing errors. The system also helps doctors spend less time charting, allowing them to focus on providing quality care.


Whether you are looking to buy a new EMR or ambulatory practice management software, you have a ton of choices. The question is which EMR is the best for your practice.

The top EMR software offerings include: Charm, Insync, Intergy, and Epic Care. Having a top EMR solution in place will save you a ton of time, money and headaches in the long run.

Intergy’s EMR is one of the best ambulatory practice management solutions around. The practice management software is designed to help doctors and office staff improve patient care, enhance billing and improve patient engagement. Intergy’s proprietary ambulatory platform helps connect your entire practice, including patient appointments, billing, insurance verification and claims processing. Intergy’s ambulatory platform is also designed to help you save money by automating processes that would have been done manually, such as insurance claim submission.

Intergy also boasts a comprehensive practice analytics reporting system. The snazzy new feature is the ability to import and export patient health information, making the practice management software more than just a database. Intergy’s EMR also helps automate insurance verification processes and improves claim turnaround time.


Whether you’re just starting out and need an EMR software solution or you’re a larger practice looking for a complete practice management solution, there are many options available to you. You can find a variety of pricing plans, so you should be able to find something that fits your needs.

Intergy offers both on-premise and hosted EHR software. Both packages are tailored to the needs of ambulatory healthcare practices. Both products are designed to improve workflows and enhance financial performance. The hosted package includes access to a patient portal, mobile app and analytics tools. This package also includes on-site go-live and provider-to-provider direct messaging.

InSync is a fully integrated EMR software system that provides a suite of practice management tools. It is designed to support the workflows of primary care physicians as well as multi-specialty groups and accountable care organizations. It has been designed to be easy to use and modify. The customization process is easier than other EMR systems. InSync also includes upgrades and maintenance.


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