How To Use Messaging to Nurture Leads In The Tech Industry

How To Use Messaging to Nurture Leads In The Tech Industry

It’s possible that you’ve considered incorporating messaging into your overall communication plan if you work in the IT sector. Or maybe you’ve just started using conversational messaging and want to maximise its effectiveness. In any case, we can’t wait to provide some tried-and-true strategies for increasing your IT company’s messaging-based lead generation.

What is it about chat that helps you reach prospective clients so well? Your interactions with potential customers through text messages will be more productive, timely, and relevant. It has the potential to dramatically increase your connection and conversion rates if used properly.

  • Replace Infrequent Interactions with Reliable Conversations

Trying to get in touch with leads might be difficult for IT firms since their target audience is likely to be preoccupied. They may let calls go to voicemail and may not answer calls from unknown numbers. Most likely, their inboxes are already full, and promotional emails won’t even be seen.

If you manage to catch someone’s attention, it’s in your best interest to maintain regular contact with them for some time thereafter. A lead is more likely to read and reply to a text message than an email. When your lead is taking their time to react, you may keep the conversation going with short and quick messages.

  • Text message reminders may be set up automatically to cut down on no-shows.

In the technology business, product demonstrations are often crucial to closing deals. However, scheduling meetings to present products might be a hassle. A lead who doesn’t turn up for a product demonstration is a lost opportunity.

Efficiency may be improved with the use of automated messaging by decreasing the number of no-shows. You may simply set up text message alerts to go out the day before the demo and again 30 minutes to an hour before the session. The lead may provide instantaneous notice of cancellation or rescheduling.

Agents may be alerted immediately by text message and email notifications, allowing them to reschedule their day as necessary. They may contact potential new clients to occupy the time, or they may choose to focus on anything else. By setting up automatic appointment reminders, your sales staff may devote more time to making connections and less time waiting around.

  • Rapidly Respond to Prospects’ Real-Time Inquiries

Prospects may have questions for your sales team at all hours of the day and night as they weigh their alternatives. They may lose interest and move on if they pose a question but get no answer. However, your representatives can’t be on call constantly. What can you do to make sure you never miss a chance to clarify anything or provide information that someone needs? The solution is a mix of automated and personalised SMS messages.

When your representatives don’t answer within a certain amount of time, you may have them send out automatic messages. If a lead texts a salesperson after hours, the rep may set up an automatic response to let the lead know whenever the rep will be available to reply. You may set up your website so that leads automatically get an email that contains a link to the further information they requested. It is possible to pre-write automatic text messages in your usual pleasant and cordial tone.

Leads may get their queries answered more quickly with the aid of automated message systems. Your leads may obtain quick solutions to frequently requested queries by using keyword replies. Leads may have their conversations transferred to a real person at any time if they want a more customised experience.

Or, if a potential customer has a query when the salesperson is in the middle of a meeting or phone call, but can get back to them within an hour, a short, personalised note will suffice, even if more contact is required later. Your salespeople may even communicate video or audio files with the use of MMS technology. These have the potential to provide comprehensive data with minimum investment of time.

  • Sending out follow-up messages with discounts is a great idea.

Your sales team’s first conversation with a potential customer may not have resulted in a sale. If a potential customer isn’t ready to talk right now, your sales agent may still utilize messaging to contact out and present an incentive that might change their mind. Text messages are more likely to be open and read by potential customers than other methods of contact. That’s why it’s common for follow-up messages to be well-received while other approaches might be greeted with resistance.

Briefly Summing Up

Conversational messaging, whether automated or personalised, allows your tech firm to increase lead conversion while freeing up representatives’ time. The average response rate for text messages is 40%, making them more effective than emails in eliciting responses. By integrating messaging with your current channels of contact, you may better meet the demands of your potential clients and expand your company. 

Using the Guni SMS service provider, businesses may boost the effectiveness of their SMS marketing campaigns. The opportunity to raise awareness while decreasing costs is a significant benefit. Using analytics and reports, you may assess the success of your marketing strategy and make improvements as needed. The good news is that you may launch your SMS advertising initiative immediately. Now is the time to begin utilising SMS to grow your Shopify client base and email list.

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