How to get more real followers on Instagram?

How to get more real followers on Instagram?

Want to boost your number of Instagram followers naturally and for free? Here are tips and tricks to get more followers on Insta!

Whether you are a business or an individual, it is always beneficial to have more subscribers. These allow you to increase your audience and increase your sales, and thus your income. But what exactly can you do to get more followers on Instagram? Discover through this article the effective techniques to use.

Start by presenting your profile bio well.

The bio is the only space dedicated to the clear description of what you do as a company or individual.

It absolutely must contain your name followed by a short abbreviation that will make it easier to find your account in the future. Also feel free to add keywords that will make it easier to find you.

Also include a link in your bio. Since this is the only clickable link on your Instagram bio, make sure it’s interesting. Many personal or business accounts incorporate their standard website link, while others change it from time to time to highlight their most recent posts. Also, display your phone numbers so users can easily contact you (if you’re a business!). There is also the “category” option which is suitable for the professional Instagram profile. Adding a business category to a professional profile is useful for giving a quick overview of what you do. But for the moment, this option does not appear on the mobile application of your Smartphone.

Use the power of hashtags

Adding a hashtag to your post can increase your Instagram following because it makes your post more interesting. When someone clicks on it from your bio, they get insight into reviews from fans who have used your product or service, for example. So be sure to put hashtags that are related to your industry as well as niche hashtags. Doing this allows you to attract more potential customers.

For personal accounts, it is possible to obtain followers thanks to the hashtag with an even easier method. The majority of Instagram users are now interested in the accounts of popular people (singers, influencers, TV stars) according to Google Keyword planner. So just follow these accounts and comment on their posts by integrating your hashtag. For example, you can put a simple hashtag like #F4F, #followme, or put popular hashtags in your own posts.

Always plan your publications

It’s important to always plan your future posts so you don’t run out of ideas. Last-minute (and therefore likely sloppy) posts can lead to lost followers.

Thus, a monthly publication schedule must be defined. This means that you should prepare the content you intend to publish in the coming months. The most relevant posts are those that follow seasonal events. For example, next month has several special occasions like Labor Day,  Ascension Day, super promotions on particular product, etc. It’s up to you to identify them in advance and adapt your publication.

Also schedule when you should post your content. Indeed, your communities may only be connected in the evening. They can also be more responsive around noon. In short, it is up to you to analyze it before making your publication.

Create content that is both interesting and effective

Of course, an Instagram account with interesting content will increase your audience faster. But interesting content is not enough to gain many followers on Instagram. Here are some typical content that can help boost your account.

Find specific topics or niches

By practicing this trick, you will be able to meet the needs of your communities. In other words, you should focus on one specific topic. And if, for example, you are talking about a dish, it will be better to present it in its entirety, from the purchase of the ingredients to the dressing of the plate. Your subscribers will love this.

Vary the publications

Varying posts saves you from having a stagnant Instagram follower count. To do this, always find a trending topic. Also try to find other sources of inspiration from competitor accounts to have a stock of post ideas. This does not prevent you from finding your own ideas to differentiate yourself even more.

Feed your content with unique and creative images

If you are a business, the goal is not only to have followers on Instagram, but also to sell services or products. One of the best ways to showcase your products is through photography. Plus, it helps you humanize your business even more. This can be done, for example, by posting photos of your backstage, the setting up of your wall decorations at parties, etc. The important thing is that the image you are going to post is unique, creative and captures the attention of Instagram users.

Instagram stories are made to show images. The ideal is to put captivating images in your stories. However, if you can’t find what to post, there are plenty of story templates for your Instagram.

Don’t neglect stories and reels (short videos)!

The story format was invented by Instagram and it’s a real revolution on social networks. The specificity of a story is its instantaneous aspect because, unlike a post, it is only available for 24 hours. The goal here is therefore to federate a community and to give regular meetings to your fans according to their centers of interest. This is the best way today to have more interactions and consequently to increase your number of subscribers.

A reel is a short video that is posted in a specific format. The reels benefit from specific inserts in insta feeds and generate a maximum of interactions. Yet another format to exploit to take advantage of all the power of this social network!

Post daily

To increase the number of followers on your Instagram account, it is advisable to post at least 4 times a week. But the ideal is to publish once a day. Instagram’s algorithm works by regency. In other words, it always highlights the most recent publications, which increases the number of followers of the accounts of the latter.

Opt for influencer marketing

This step is part of a communication strategy. By using bloggers or influencers, your brand or business will surely break through quickly. Indeed, these people use their personality influence. They can introduce your products to their followers, which helps create leads without spending too much.

Avoid paid offers if possible

On Instagram, there is a way to buy Instagram followers in a short time. Without the slightest effort, you can gain many subscribers. However, this does not guarantee that thousands of people will be attracted to your products. It is a thousand times better to have subscribers who are genuinely interested in your service.


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