How to Draw A Bouquet Easily

How to Draw A Bouquet Easily

How to Draw A Bouquet. There are many circumstances when a bouquet makes the perfect gift or embellishment.

These can be happy experiences, where they offer congratulations, or sad affairs, where they can communicate consolation or compassion.

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Regardless of their use, they are always beautiful and vibrant and can come in many variations.

For this reason, learning to draw a bouquet can be fun so that you can design your compositions. This guide you’re looking at will show you how to do just that!

How to Draw A Bouquet

Step 1

To begin this bouquet picture tutorial, let’s start with the first few flowers in the fragrance.

You will use multiple short oval shapes grouped and joined in the middle to draw them. The reference image shows you how to place these petals.

Step 2

In this second part of your bouquet design, you’ll add a third flower for this bouquet.

This one will be aimed straight at the viewer, so it will be rounder and flatter than the previous ones, which were more angled.

The center of this flower is a small circle surrounded by many oval-shaped petals, as you drew in the previous step.

Step 3

In this step of our tutorial on drawing a bouquet, we will add three more small flowers.

These flowers will go in between the larger ones, and because they are smaller, their petals will be larger than the previous much larger flowers.

Small blooms like these help put the bouquet up beautifully!

Step 4

This bouquet design looks amazing! We will build it more in the next steps.

This fourth step will be very similar to the previous one as you will add three more small flowers between the larger ones.

Step 5

In this tutorial, we have another step to draw a bouquet to add flowers.

To do this, duplicate what you did in the earlier steps and add three more miniature flowers to the collection.

Before moving on to the next steps, add more flowers or other elements if you want a complete bouquet!

Step 6

Now that you have all the flowers to create your bouquet, we can add more elements. Let’s add some long, pointy leaves to the smell.

You can draw them behind the flowers with curved lines culminating in a sharp point.

You can add some rounded lines between the flowers and then finish with straight lines under the flowers for the top of the bouquet wrap.

Step 7

This step of our bouquet drawing guide focuses on drawing more of the packaging for the bouquet.

As shown in the reference image, you will use curved and straight lines for the wrap coming off the flowers.

Then you can end with a small bow tied near the base of the wrap.

Step 8

It’s almost time to add some awesome color to your bouquet design, but first, we need to add some final touches.

Draw Bouquet

You can use curved lines under the bow to show underneath the curled and bunched wrap. Once you’ve seen it in our reference image, you’re ready for the final step!

Before proceeding, be sure to add as many of your details as you like!

Adding more flowers, a background, or other decorative elements gives you plenty of room to get creative.

Step 9

This final step of our how to draw a bouquet guide is all about bringing it to life with some amazing colors!

As you can imagine, with a picture of flowers, this picture will probably contain a lot of beautiful and vibrant colors!

Bouquet Drawing

Make sure to let your imagination run wild while coloring, using your favorite hues and artistic mediums to bring the colors to life.

Different artistic tools and mediums can be great for getting the colors you want for your image so that you can have lots of fun experimenting!

We can’t wait to see you color this amazing drawing of yours.

Your Bouquet Drawing is Finished!

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