How Art and Design Reflect Societal Changes Over Time

How Art and Design Reflect Societal Changes Over Time

In the era of existential reality, almost all of us are looking desperately for an outlet to hold on to. Be it our favourite movies or the occasional visit to the exhibitions, art above all has its common agenda which is to attach meaning to our everyday life or to provide us with a reason to live. The famous utterance of the philosopher of all time, Aristotle The aim of art is to represent not the outer appearance, but their inward significance” is still relevant in the present scenario. Believe it or not, art is genuinely a blessing to human existence, either in the form of our daily TV soaps or in the form of paintings.

Art and design books in reality are the witness to the changes and metamorphosis of the social fabric over the years. Have you ever pondered over the fact how a movie or a piece of drama unites people from different regions within a country? If not then just recall the moments when you have rushed to the movie theatres just to get a glimpse of your favourite movie star who does not belong to your nation. To put it simply, art is something of ubiquitous nature that can transcend the boundaries of state, nation, caste, creed and gender. From graphic designing to interior decoration, all of us are under the sway of modern art practices without even knowing the background of it or how it emerged out of the societal changes.

Significance of art and design

From the music of Gil Scott-Heron to the artwork of Diego Rivera, art never fails to infuse a powerful punch in either melody or in the colours. From time immemorial, art is continuing to cast its spell on commoners and rather you can call it a medium of venting out repressed thoughts. It doesn’t matter whether you are an art connoisseur or not, you would hardly be able to skip the charm or appeal of the artworks as you encounter them either in fancy exhibitions or in the roadside shops. In the 21st century, art is more than a vehicle for the expression of thoughts, rather it is a booming field that has even made its course to industrial applications.

From interior designing to website designing, art is prevalent everywhere. Who doesn’t like to embellish their homes or commercial spaces with different hues and eminent paintings? Consciously or unconsciously, art has turned into a constant companion of ours. Read more to find out how art has played the role of a harbinger of change from the renaissance period to the present times.

Impact of art on society

Like science and technology, art too has its own potential to ignite the flame of revolution or to become the mouthpiece of the voiceless population. Art and history from the beginning started to move hand in hand and it paved the path for the artists to leave their indelible imprint in history. From cave paintings to the modern age graphical illustration, art has encompassed a long route to uplift a society from complete ignorance to experience. Monalisa of Di Vinci or Liberty leading the people by Eugene Delacroix, you can never avoid the fervour and social portrait that these artworks attempt to reflect. Moreover, the famous change in the mindset of people such as theocentrism to humanism and homocentrism is entirely inspired by art.

Even our modern-day anatomy in medical science has come into existence with art. Beginning with the Italian Renaissance, art gave rise to societal movements like the French revolution to the American movement and even the black lives matter movement. Can you remember our very recent #Metoo movement that has its sway all over the globe? The striking fact is that Leslie and Suzanne, two artists were the pioneers of this movement which is actually an endeavour of emancipating women from subjugation. Close readings on art and design books would aid you in getting an overview of the history, but if you are willing to create a link between the art and its relevance it is necessary to utilise your keen attention to detail.

Different functions of art

Do you still have the idea that art is all about creating aesthetic value? If yes, then this informative blog is the right destination for you to explore several other functions of art. Here is a lowdown of the functions of art in the present scenario.

  • Art has a lasting impression on the cognitive layer of the mind and it has allowed it to turn into a form of therapy for offering the utmost healing effect to children. Your anxiety and clinical depression have their natural cure, art therapy to rejuvenate your spirit from within.
  • Art and its inextricable connection with culture is playing a pivotal role in entertaining us all the time. For instance, a musical performance or a movie date with friends are great healers of all time.
  • Last but not the least, art is now moulded into creative content to inform, educate and aware of the target audience and earn in return. Hence, art now also acts as a tool for industrial application.

Key Highlights

Art has always been revered in every stratum of society as an agent of change. And, most importantly this change is always positive and revolutionary in nature. To get details on online books shopping, feel free to comment in the section below.

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