History Of Embroidery Digitizing & How It Is Evolving?

History Of Embroidery Digitizing & How It Is Evolving?

Everything that we work on and do has a history. The same is the case with the embroidery digitizing! In the following blog, we are going to tell you about its history and how it has evolved in the present time for better use.

History of Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery is an artwork or you can say a handicraft that is best for fabric decoration or other products using needle and thread. It has been in use for decades. You must note that the origin started back in the Magnon days or 30000 BC.

As per the archaeological findings, fossilized remains consisting of hand-stitched and decorated clothing along with boots and hats were some of the items that were found. Moving on, in Siberia, about 5000 to 6000 BC there were drilled shells stitches using the decorative designs on animal hides have been identified.

Furthermore, Chinese thread embroidery connects back to 3500 B.C.  where the pictures represent clothes embroidery that consists of precious stones, pearls, and silk thread. Note that, Chinese chain stitch embroidery work comprises of silk thread that has been connected back to the period of Warring States that is 5th to 3rd Century BC.

When it comes to other fiber and embroidery along with the needlework arts started in the Orient and Middle East. It was found that stitches were used to join the animal skills that can be used for embellishment. Note that sculptures, recorded history, paintings, and depictions of vases have different ancient civilizations representing that people are wearing thread-embroidery clothing.

In the 1100s, small seed pearls were seen on vellum for decorating religious items. In addition, from the 1200s moving through the 1300s beads were embroidered on clothing. If we look into Europe, in 1500 A.D. embroideries were made more lavish in other areas of the world. From the period of the 1700s, bead embroidery, and elaborate thread gained much popularity. Note that, bead embroidery can be found on a layette basket, home furnishings, court dresses, and many other items.

Embroidery clothing, household items, and religious objects have been a mark of wealth and status in different cultures including China, India, Persia, Byzantium, Japan, and Medieval & Baroque Europe. You must note that professional workshops and guilds started in medieval England. The workshop’s output, called Opus Anglicanum or English work, was very popular across Europe. The manufacture of machine-made embroidery in ST. Gallen flourished in eastern Switzerland in the later half of the 19th century.

How Embroidery Digitizing Is Evolving in the Modern World?

Embroidery digitizing is evolving with time and nowadays advanced machines for the purpose are being used. You will have seen logos/designs/artwork on different items like fabric, jackets, caps, and other items. They are used for the recognition of the brand, and for marketing/promotional purposes. Below, we are going to talk about the different uses of the process:

Branded Apparel: Different fashion brands customize products and accessories for their brand. The apparels have a company logo or artwork on the jackets, shirts, hats, and other items for a sense of recognition and unity. Sometimes, their employees also wear clothes that represent their business via logo.

Promotional Product: Custom service is being used for developing branded apparel for the creation of promotional products like backpacks, tote bags, and other accessories. The items can be given to customers or can be sold as merchandise for a reminder about the brand and its values.

Event Merchandise: On different events like trade shows, conferences, and other events hats, t-shirts, and other items are used for the customer products. Such products act as the memory for the event and can be sold for generating revenue if sold to attendees.

Workwear & Uniforms: Workwear or uniforms are also given a brand identity for a professional appearance with help of embroidery digitizing services. Company logos and names of employees are written for unity, recognition, and professionalism among them as part of the business/brand. Moreover, it will help the customers to recognize the employees of a particular brand with great ease.

Awareness Campaign For Brands: Different campaigns for the brand consist of custom items like tote bags, hats, and other products that have a particular design or a message that creates buzz and engagement on social media along with other channels. Furthermore, it helps in increasing brand awareness and extending reach to new customers at the same time.


That’s how embroidery digitizing has been done in the past and evolved in the current time. Nowadays, machine or custom practices have reduced the time as compared to the traditional way of working using hands. You can connect with a skilled company in your area to get the service at the best rates.

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