Get Inspired by These Bathroom Remodeling Ideas from Award-Winning Projects!

Get Inspired by These Bathroom Remodeling Ideas from Award-Winning Projects!

The bathroom can be the most unhygienic place in our home if you do not take special care to keep it clean and fresh every day. Hence, you need to maintain a good airflow into the space to keep it fresh and airy all the time.

Often, we neglect and forget to upgrade the look of our bathroom. As a result, it tends to look outdated and no longer functional. So, you need to remodel your bathroom to give it a fresh look.

If you want to hire a trusted contractor for your Montebello bathroom remodeling, then you should contact King Home Remodeling. Now, let us know about a few bathroom remodeling ideas from award winning projects.

Combine multiple spaces

You can maximize your bath space to give it a gorgeous look. But, you can think about combining spaces to create a flow to your master bedroom. You can attach a walk-in closet to your master bath to turn a small space into a functional unit.

If you do not want to go with walk-in closet idea, then you can consider switching the two. Walk-through closets can give greater privacy in the bathroom as they act as a sound barrier between the bedroom and bathroom.

Go with shower & bathtub Combos

You can go with walk-in showers with a glass shower door to save a lot of space in your bathroom area. This will help you avoid installing a full bathtub.

If you do need a tub in your bathroom then a combination tub and shower can serve your purpose without occupying too much floor space.

Claw-foot free standing bathtub

A free-standing claw-foot bathtub can add a curb appeal and personality to your space. You can refinish the claw-foot tub with experts can help you a lot. Give it a rich look by making it the accent piece of your bathroom.

Premium fixtures that match each other

For cohesive design, you can choose premium plumbing fixtures that match with each other. Choose colors like matte black, gold, and brass that are in trend. These can be a great option for a white or grey bathroom.

Go with double-sink vanity

Double sink vanities give everyone privacy and also ample storage options. A larger vanity might take up a lot of space. Hence, going with double sink vanity will work for you.

Install glass sink

You can choose white porcelain material for your sinks to give your bathroom a premium look. Glass bathroom sinks can be very attractive and hence enhance the look of your bathroom.

Waterfall showerhead

If you want to give a luxurious feel to your bathroom, then you can go with waterfall showerhead idea. However, this type of showerhead is not as convenient as the wall mounted showerhead.

Luxurious Flooring

The most important part of the bathroom is its flooring. The best options for bathroom flooring can be porcelain or ceramic tiles. However, you can also go with engineered wood or natural stone to install your flooring.


You should keep your bathroom fresh and clean all the time so that it does not produce any bad odor. If you have a small bathroom then the task becomes a little harder.

However, you can give a good makeover to your bathroom to generate more storage so that your space looks bigger and brighter.

You can also hire our bathroom remodelers to give an enticing look to your bath unit.

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