Best Restaurants in Nassau

Best Restaurants in Nassau

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When you purchase something through our site, we may make a profit. Our editors work independently of affiliate agreements. Nassau is located at the intersection between Bahamas Out Island culture and American influence, Nassau boasts a collection of restaurants that mix local and international.  As a popular tourist destination, it helps keep guests on the property happy with restaurants that are able to exceed “hotel food.” This is particularly true at Atlantis resort situated on Paradise island as well as Baha Mar on Nassau’s Cable Beach. You can book your flights from New York to Nassau with the Lowest Flight fares and enjoy a trip.

The resorts have raised the bar in Nassau dining. In everything from Japanese sushi bars to Italian restaurants to steakhouse and seafood restaurants, Nassau covers all of the bases of food and this list can direct you to the top restaurants in each category. 


Watch the yachts bob in the harbor as well as The towers of Atlantis further away as you think about your choice of seafood. The fresh catch of the day fills an ice-filled bin near the entrance of the restaurant. You can select your meals from the menus that usually include yellow and red snapper, hogfish, and Bahamian spiny lobster (crayfish). Can’t decide? Order a combination platter. For a more traditional experience, try cracked conch and Rosie’s chicken (the most popular choice of the locals) or grouper cooked with tomato sauce. Also, there are pasta and grilled meats. Alongside Bahamian meals, at lunchtime, there are hamburgers, cold and hot sandwiches, as well as dishes (grilled mahi Caesar, for instance).


In the Bahamas’ Out Islands, the tradition of Fish Fry defines as a gathering of shacks and stands where chefs prepare authentic home-cooked Bahamian food ranging from fried chicken and stew fish, conch salad, and Guava Duff. In walking distance from the port for cruise ships Arawak Cay is home to Nassau’s original version. Some of the most well-known dining establishments that sit down are Goldie’s, Oh Andros, and Twin Brothers. The newest addition to the scene, D’Waters Cafe serves arguably the most delicious food.

While most restaurants offer Bahamian cuisine in all forms, D’Waters is more selective offering better service and superior quality. Apart from food, the vibrant assortment of bars and restaurants provide a party and drinking place which is where live music can be heard throughout the evening. To enjoy the greatness of Nassau book your cheap flights from New York to Nassau at at your best prices.

The internationally renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa is renowned for his restaurants in top cities such as New York City, London, Las Vegas, Miami, Dallas, Milan, and Tokyo. Atlantis’ Nobu is every one of the sleek, elegant, and contemporary as the other and its food serves up an equally stunning impression. Sushi and sashimi form the majority of the menu however there are many other options like tempura, and steaks as well as a wide selection of cooked and cold Japanese food items like scallops wasabi pork belly, spicy miso, and tempura made from seafood. Be prepared for a bit of price shock, as there are dishes like wagyu steaks for $47/ounce as well as Maine lobster isabi ($80).

All children who behave well are allowed. However, some direct flights from new york to Nassau Bahamas offered by Delta Airlines, JetBlue, American Airlines, Copa Airlines, and United Airlines, take less than 5 hours and 14 minutes.


In a former mansion, Luciano’s is elegant as soon as you enter the foyer with its mahogany and marble floors. The dining areas are adorned with ambient lighting, which highlights the warm tones and captivating view of the harbor. Traditional Italian cuisine is the mainstay but there are some great dishes that are inspired by the Bahamas including the unique conch cakes topped with rosa aioli. Pastas are done, well-sauced, and served in half-portions and perhaps the best dish is the succulent clay-cooked chicken that is served with lemon, garlic tomatoes, and potatoes. Steaks are also popular.

Drink a cocktail or glass of wine at the bar prior to dinner. Nassau’s 9-5’ers regularly come here for a post-work snack and socializing. To enjoy the greatness of Nassau book your flights from New York to Nassau at at your best prices.


International superstar chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten has added two Bahamas restaurants to his ever-growing list of restaurants that are innovative. At Dune the creative blend of Asian and French food styles, with a hint of the local island flavor, provides an unusual, however expensive (a $25 burger, anyone? ) A dining experience for lunch, breakfast, and dinner. The highlights include coconut and chicken milk soup, shiitake cakes as well as goat cheese fondue topped featuring red and pear vinegar Bahamian lobster served with light curry and plantains, and the cheesecake of blood orange.

Dune’s atmosphere, designed by French Interior designer Christian Liaigre, gets equal importance – breathtaking ocean views, a wraparound terrace, and an impressive display kitchen to create a stunning experience.


The restaurant is often regarded as among the best restaurants on the islands, the Atlantis restaurant is awash with the characteristics of an American steakhouse, however, it also offers an array of diverse international and seafood food items. The club-like atmosphere is created by the use of a variety of dark wood, overstuffed seating, and dark, masculine hues. Enjoy some local seafood like the island-style shrimp cocktail, conch chowder that is spicy, or an onion soup gratin that is made from the local Sands beer.

You can also go for the chateaubriand or any other beef that is aged well from the grill. If you’re in the mood for seafood, go for the lobster or the garlic shrimp. Indian dishes are a hit for vegetarians within the group.


Katsuya is home to three kitchens, your server will go over the details. There is a sushi bar, another is the 1,000-degree grill and the third is the “liquid kitchen,” aka bar. Begin with an ice-cold white grapefruit cosmo, two fresh cranberries steamed as well as the refreshing cucumber vodka and sake in the kitchen that is liquid. Cucumbers are a prominent part of the Japanese food served at Baha Mar’s top-of-the-line restaurant, which stretches from the casino to the outdoors with a modern Philippe Starck-style concept. The sushi bar at the center of the restaurant dishes on a delicious roll that is wrapped with thin slices of cucumber.

The salad is a palate cleanser that combines sweet and sour seaweed wakame with slices of pickled English cucumber. It’s a great veggie treat however, it is the Brussels sprouts dish that blends the robata-crisped leaves and Bonita flakes to give the best umami. Some other ideas from Chef Katsuya Uechiinclude Hand-rolls of baked crab and yellowtail sashimi topped with jalapeno and sweet ponzu, French-boned lamb chops as well as Wagyu made with mushrooms.


Nassau’s most recent fine dining establishment is named after an indigenous fruit. It is very Bahamian in its presentation of Continental food and décor. The dining experience starts with a garden where you can sip drinks and the local drummers. The dining room is decorated with art there is a slick service while you pick your dishes like honey-glazed duck breasts with braised red pear relish and cabbage, or escargots in route with Boursin maybe. Delicious bread comes with house-churned butter.

The best part is that Sapodilla offers serving salads at the table, like the conch salad that is marinated, and the classic Caesar or desserts like the cherries jubilee that is which is made using ice cream that has been made by the house. The menu includes kinds of pasta like freshly-made basil pasta with seafood, local fish such as pan-seared snapper to exquisite meats like a roast of lamb. The meals aren’t cheap in this area, but the attention to the smallest details (and import costs) makes up for the expense.

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