Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed Auto Transport

What Is Enclosed Car Transport?

By being closed from all sides, enclosed car transport is a mode of transport that adds additional protection to the vehicles being transported. It is also ideal for cars with low ground clearance, as it has ramps that are almost level with the ground and generally comes with a customized hydraulic system for loading and unloading important cars. Tempus Logix strongly recommends this option if you need to transport a high-end car across the highway. Additionally, if you don’t want the vehicle to be exposed to the elements of the road as it would be with open car transport, then an enclosed car trailer is the place to go.

Weather is another important factor to consider when choosing which type of trucking to choose. If you are shipping in the winter, then the enclosed carrier is a great option. Although closed carriers offer comparatively higher rates than open car carriers, it pays to choose closed car shipping for shipping if the goal is to avoid negative consequences caused by bad weather conditions.

What are the types of enclosed trailers?

Single-car enclosed trailers are commonly used to transport a single car and are best suited for transporting sports or luxury cars. However, this option is useful for short-distance use.

Single-level multi-car trailers can accommodate two to five vehicles and are ideal for both short and long hauls. Loading and unloading times are faster than closed multi-level multi-car carriers.

Enclosed multi-level multi-car trailers are large enclosed carriers that make them popular for transporting up to seven cars across the country.

Enclosed hard-sided trailers typically have steel and aluminum walls to provide maximum protection for the vehicles inside.

Soft sided enclosed trailers have specific vinyl side hinges that provide alternative load securing on the road.

Top Benefits of Enclose Auto Transport

If you wish to ship your vehicle, you probably know about trucking organizations and their two options for moving vehicles. The first is open trucking, which involves stacking vehicles on open trailers and exposing them to external factors such as weather and street hazards. Another option is closed road transport. This strategy has many advantages, especially if the vehicle is special or collectible; these vehicles require more consideration and significantly more attention than typical vehicles.

In any case, vehicle delivery requires understanding the complex details of the cycle, and here are the main advantages of closed car transport:

1. Enclosed trailers offer more insurance

When transported in an enclosed space, the vehicles are delivered using a fully enclosed trailer, which guarantees complete security from all external components that could damage the vehicles being moved.

There are two types of enclosed trailers that rely on the materials used to make them; hard shell trailers are made from non-bending materials such as aluminum, tin and fiberglass. The subsequent structure is fine conveyors. These transporters are made of strong materials like the previous ones, but non-bending materials are found on the top, back and front, while the sides are made of solid material; due to the different materials, solid shell conveyors bear the cost of a more serious level of security.

white shipping truck

2. Encased trailers are more modest and do not fit many vehicles

Encased transporters are generally similar in size to open transporters, but because they are completely enclosed on the sides, they do not fit as many vehicles on top of each other as open ones. At the same time, the last option can send up to 10 vehicles; Encased transporters will instantly load up to 8 vehicles.

So covered trucks mean less space inside; this is one huge advantage due to the fact that the smaller the size and space inside the carrier, the safer it is for the vehicle as it prevents the vehicle from moving and shaking during the transport cycle and secures it.

3. Greater security and protection

Encapsulated conveyors offer safety features that are not available in open auto transport strategies. They are equipped with a water lift, so they are not the same as open trailers.

The lift can drop to the cool ground to allow even loading of vehicles – providing more comfort to all vehicles, especially low clearance types. A drip tray is also provided inside the encapsulated transporters.

When it comes to enclosed trailers, there are different capacities:

Single deck trailers for one vehicle
Single deck trailers for multiple vehicles
Tiered, multi-car trailers
The last one can stack 7-8 vehicles coordinated in two rows, one over the other. This is where the flush tank comes in to protect the base level vehicles from liquids that might run off the upper level vehicles.

4. Experienced drivers

Since enclosed car transport is better for exemplary and collectible vehicles, the transporter drivers are extremely skilled. They have a rich involvement in handling valuable vehicles; they are thoroughly prepared for careful driving on the streets and guarantee the good condition of the vehicles during the transport cycle.

Tempus Logix is ​​a financial organization in the vehicle delivery industry with a record of 45 million kilometers driven from one side of the country to the other. The organization offers a thorough arrangement of administration in the automobile transport industry. Due to its huge organization of specialized cooperatives across the states, this organization provides a wide variety of enclosed trailers for various purposes regardless of experienced drivers.

5. Security

Another critical benefit that encapsulated carriers offer is protection. Suppose you have an interesting vehicle that requires transportation, and you feel embarrassed when individuals view or perhaps take pictures of your important vehicle. All things considered, it is exceptionally prescribed to go with a closed traffic administration to guarantee the highest level of security.

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6. Choice of white glove transport

As encapsulated transport management is situated to address the problems of clients who have unusual and heavy vehicles, several organizations offer the choice of white-glove transport, cutting-edge management with the best vehicle techniques and tools, and the most ideal client support.

This is top-notch car transport management that you can get at an additional cost to ensure that the vehicle gets all the care and attention it deserves when it’s being moved; the help includes many important elements like door to door transportation, all the time monitoring and customized choices that guarantee the safe transportation of vehicles on time.

7. The most ideal decision for trucks

At this point, you might have figured out that enclosed car shipping is the most ideal decision when it comes to delivering exemplary and collectible vehicles, however here are a few more reasons why you should probably get this help rather than open car shipping:

Different decisions: gives more decisions with respect to booking help; Since it is used by owners of limited access vehicles, which allows more adaptability to set a pick-up and drop-off time that is reasonable for the client, it is still important to organize the help time with the organization to fit your schedule a few days or even long in advance.

Immediate reach: car transport organizations allow direct contact with the driver, so they inform clients about the circumstances of the vehicle.

Protection: American car shipper transport organizations provide protection that covers a certain type of damage caused by traffic interaction. Get some information about protection and any records expected to benefit from this assistance.shipping truck


Assuming you are looking for the ideal technique to send your collectible vehicle in any conditions, make sure you fully remember the main points of these strategies. Encapsulated car transport is the best choice for comfort, safety and protection. Transportation organizations have a lot of confidence in offering these administrations to guarantee a protected trip for one-of-a-kind vehicles and deliver them to their destination in the best condition.

How much does it cost to transport a closed car?

In a general sense, the closed car transport option is more expensive than the open car transport option; however, it is valuable from many aspects of increased safety for rare cars. Depending on the size of the vehicle, the type of shipment and the distance, the average cost of a closed car shipment is approximately $X.

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