Different Kitchen Islands to Make Good Use of Space

Different Kitchen Islands to Make Good Use of Space

An island kitchen is a concept that includes a centrally-located countertop mostly used for preparing food and other cooking needs. The basic purpose of an island kitchen is to provide an adequate seating area, ample storage, and modern touch to your kitchen.

When you are unable to handle the clutter in your kitchen, an island kitchen can be a great option for you.

If you are looking for a reliable kitchen remodeling contractor in San Mateo, then you should contact Walters Remodeling. Now, let us know about a few kitchen islands to make good use of the space.

Rolling Cart Island

Rolling cart islands are one type of portable design that you can choose for a small kitchen. You do not need to feature the rolling cart permanently if you fall short of space. you can keep it aside and use it when required.

This design is perfect for a U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen layout. These are mobile kitchen islands and are ideal for a small space. However, you can use this type of kitchen island for your big-sized kitchen if you want extra preparation units.

Small, Non-Portable Kitchen Island

These islands do not have wheels on the bottom. Usually, they have a height of 38 inches, which is ideal for food preparation. These kitchen islands are small, which makes them an ideal option for a small kitchen. The maximum length of this kitchen island is four feet.

If you have a small yet heavily-used kitchen, then this can be a great choice for you. If you are living in an apartment, then you can install this type of kitchen island.

It does not look like a cart; rather it is somewhat like a traditional kitchen island. However, the storage is limited for this type of island kitchen design.

Counter-Height Work Table

This type of Kitchen Island does not have built-in storage features. It is basically a work table countertop and is elevated to the same height as perimeter countertops.

You can use this type of island kitchen as your dining table when required. Large countertop tables are fixed to the floor, whereas smaller ones are not attached to the floor.

These are ideal for small space as it saves space and gives a lighter visual effect. If you want to maximize your eating counter, then this is a great choice for you.

Base Cabinet With Countertop

This type of island kitchen is built with pre-existing material for its base, which is topped with a countertop. These are fixed to the floor and cannot be moved from one place to another.

If the countertop is larger, then you will require electrical service for this type of island kitchen. These are often matched with the upper cabinets of your kitchen. You can use this type of island kitchen for a wide variety of kitchen layouts.

However, you will require some carpentry work and electrical services for this type of kitchen design.

Fully Functional Island with Electricity and Plumbing

A fully functional kitchen island features everything such as an electrical connection, sink, drainage, and ample countertop space. it has an overhanging countertop, which can provide space for seated preparation work, in-kitchen dining, or entertaining.

You have to spend a little more for this type of island kitchen as it requires plumbing and electrical services. you have to run the supply and drainage lines under the floor as they are not connected to the main plumbing lines. Hence, the installation process becomes complicated. Sometimes, building codes do not allow such development in your home.

It is the best choice for a large open-space kitchen.


If you have installed a kitchen island then make the most of it by using this space to store your kitchen essentials. Sometimes, we leave the kitchen island and do not add storage cabinets to it, which is a common mistake made by house owners.

However, you can add storage cabinets to your kitchen island to find more storage space in your small kitchen.

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