ChartLogic vs MedEZ EHR: Analysis and Review

ChartLogic vs MedEZ EHR: Analysis and Review

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  • April 17, 2023
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ChartLogic and MedEZ are top-rated EHR solutions scoring satisfactory reviews. Learn more about these by jumping into this ChartLogic vs MedEZ EHR analysis.

Analyzing EHR platforms is the best thing to do when a practitioner can’t decide between them. And the analysis doesn’t end with just the features comparison. Those were the old days when features were the central element of concern. They surely are crucial to EMR selection, but what else matters is the user feedback and price structures. These two are a must explore to conduct a valuable EHR analysis. This way, comparing and contrasting solutions becomes easy.

We will elaborate on this concept in this ChartLogic vs MedEZ EHR analysis.

Initializing the ChartLogic and MedEZ EHR Analysis:

Before we begin this ChartLogic vs MedEZ EHR analysis, know that we will start with the reviews, for they hold the most significance. Then we will cover the cost structures, and lastly, we will explore the fine details of the demonstration tutorials. So, let’s begin.

The Reviews Analysis

ChartLogic EHR Reviews

ChartLogic is an EHR solution and scores positive reviews on analytic websites. On a scale of 5 (with 5 being the excellent rating), the ChartLogic EHR scores 4-star reviews on Capterra and 3.96-star on Software Advice.  This above-average rating of ChartLogic EHR depicts the level of reliability and effectiveness of this multidisciplinary platform. Reviews reveal medical professionals praise the workflows nurtured by the ChartLogic EHR.

Let’s look at some salient facts highlighted in the reviews of ChartLogic EHR.


This industry-recognized solution packs state-of-the-art services and thus works like an all-rounder platform.

This software empowers clinicians with rich data insights enabling them to work smarter.

The reviews portray ChartLogic as a productive and profitable EHR of how it shapes the revenue stream in no time.

Streamlining clinical operations is a piece of cake for this resilient healthcare platform.

Users say this vendor comes with all the bells and whistles leaving nothing out, and thus handles all clinical aspects smoothly with no exception.


The system lags and freezes every once in a while.

As per the reviews, the billing module of ChartLogic EHR is incompetent. Its claims management service is a tad bit slower.

MedEZ EHR Reviews

The MedEZ software scores an untarnished reputation among users because of its ease of use. On a scale of 5 (with 5 being the excellent rating), the MedEZ EHR scores 4.18-star reviews on Capterra and 4.83-star on Software Advice. Generally, users say there are no negatives associated with this exclusive healthcare solution. Psychiatrists cite in reviews that MedEZ is one complete package packing distinctive integrated capabilities.

Some main points highlighted in the MedEZ EHR reviews are:


It is a great program packing super easy insurance claims submittal service.

This efficient program readily handles documentation effortlessly, dealing with all complexities.

MedEZ EHR reviews share that it packs unparalleled customer service offering prompt response and swift solutions to all queries.

It is very economical, and even new startups and small practices can easily afford it.

The charting facility of this vendor is backed by decision-support tools assuring to-the-point charts and treatment plan creation.


The reviews of MedEZ EHR state that some features could be added to the billing module to further simplify medical billing for clinical staff.

The Demo Analysis

ChartLogic EHR Demo

The demo of ChartLogic EHR is one exclusive element to cover. It is crafted so as to explain to the viewers how the vendor handles multiple clinical operations side-by-side. The ChartLogic EHR demo reveals its level of effectiveness and efficiency. This platform uses the years-long experience of the care providers to draft a comprehensive demonstration tutorial.

The cherry on the top is the ChartLogic EHR offers a live demo. It means one can readily analyze his desired functionalities by sending a specialized request. According to our assessment, ChartLogic EMR compiles specialty-specific demo tutorials using its rich content library. Thus, it ensures nothing is left out, and users can have a detailed video guide at hand to explore.

MedEZ EHR Demo

MedEZ EHR also features a compact demo but not a live one. The care professionals can readily request the demonstration tutorial through its official website by filling in the request form. The demo of MedEZ is absolutely free but impressive. The vendor takes physicians through all its services in a few minutes, leaving no crumbs.

Our evaluation of the MedEZ EHR demo reveals that it is quite informative and detailed. The software only touches on its essential functionalities instead of bragging about its unique capabilities. We recommend all to go with the MedEZ EHR demo to decipher what great things this intuitive solution holds and then decide accordingly.

The Pricing Analysis

ChartLogic EHR Pricing

The pricing EHR of ChartLogic EHR is one of the biggest controversies of all time. Some say the vendor charges nothing more than a dime, while others say it costs too much. However, we cannot play a part in this dilemma, for CharLogic EHR has not revealed its pricing model yet. Some users say it is by far the most affordable specialty-specific EHR platform.

One thing mentioned on the website of ChartLogic EHR is users can request pricing for EHR, PM, RCM and patient portal services. All modules pack an exclusive price structure that usually fits the budget range of all-sized practices. To learn what it charges, request the details of the pricing bundles ChartLogic EHR offers.

MedEZ EHR Pricing Analysis

The pricing strategy of MedEZ EHR is still not out. It doesn’t mean one can not request it. The MedEZ EHR software practices a quote-based pricing strategy. It enables providers to request the exact pricing details of MedEZ EHR devoid of all ambiguities. As far as care providers are concerned, the MedEZ EHR offers customizable and low-cost pricing bundles.

As the pricing structure of MedEZ is not only disclosed, we relied on user feedback to cover this aspect. As per that, the MedEZ EHR offers all-inclusive pricing bundles. The caregivers suggest that MedEZ EHR surely packs economical and budget-friendly pricing plans. For exact pricing details, one must send a specialized quote.

That was all from this ChartLogic vs MedEZ EHR analysis. Now you have solid details at hand, so compare the vendors in the light of the insights shared above and choose the one that goes well with your practice.


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