Ceramic hob cookers provide advantages over gas stoves.

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In many ways, electric cooking ranges are significantly superior to gas stoves. They have changed how food is prepared since they were first introduced. They have provided efficient and affordable methods of cooking that are quicker and more comprehensive. Gas stoves just cannot compare to the level of safety that ceramic hob cookers provide.

Effortless Use


Utilizing ceramic hob is really simple. They have intuitive controls that are self-explanatory, simple to learn, and have a variety of uses. These features provide a wide range of pre-programmed heat settings that are perfect for grilling, boiling, frying, and other culinary methods. These features significantly reduce the amount of work required to adjust the temperature to the ideal setting; just press a button, and voilĂ ! In little time at all, your supper will be prepared.

Increasing temperatures

Electric ceramic hob cookers can produce temperatures that are significantly greater than those of their gas counterparts. The food is thoroughly heated from the inside out because it is cooked using infrared rays rather than convection (as in a gas oven). When you cook meat, the liquids in the meat stay put to give it its natural flavor, thus this locks in the flavour and is very evident.

Continuity and Robustness

There are no moving parts in these ceramic hob cookers, and the controls are buttons rather than knobs. (knobs have a tendency to come off). Electric cookers are much more dependable and long-lasting because to their sturdy construction.

If a gas leak is discovered, gas stoves become dangerous to use and are potentially made useless. Since an electric cooktop does not use gas as a fuel source, this is unimportant.


Electric hobs place a high priority on safety. Gas burning poses no risk of gas leakage or the production of any negative byproducts. Modern electric cookers also quickly cool down after being turned off, reducing the possibility of burns.

Uncomplicated Cleaning

An electric cooktop range’s bright, smooth ceramic glass surface is very simple to clean. First of all, there are no grooves where food scraps could drop and gather. Second, the smooth surface makes it simple to wipe away spills and other debris.

The ceramic-glass top should not be cleaned with a harsh cloth because it is easily scratched. Now contrast this to a gas stove; if you do manage to spill something while cooking, you cannot immediately clean it and must wait for the grill to cool before removing it. Your spill would have cooked onto the surface by the time you started cleaning, requiring more work from you.

Selecting the Best Built-In Hob

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When picking a built-in hob for your newly constructed kitchen, the only thing you formerly needed to consider or inquire about was whether it was gas or electric. Today, you have a variety of options, including gas, gas on glass, electric, ceramic, radiant heating, induction, and colours and finishes like satin steel and black glass.

Authentic Gas Hobs

Gas ranges are available in a range of sizes, including 60 cm, 70 cm, 90 cm, and 110 cm. When you cook with gas, the heat is quick and manageable. Gas burners are available in a variety of small, medium, and big sizes, and often feature 4 or 5 burners. They also offer alternatives like Fish Kettles and powerful wok burners that will quickly cook your favourite stir-fry. For wok burners, the power output can range from 0.85kW to an astonishing 4kW. The majority of gas ranges have a Stainless or Satin Steel finish with the well-known single piece of vitreous enamel in black and white.

Hidden Gas Hobs

Choose a recessed gas cooktop, which may be either flush placed for that sleek, clean, in-line linear effect or inset style sunken into your granite worktop, for the newest in designer look kitchens. It is very simple to transfer pans around the hob cooktop since the supports for cast iron pans are all linear and in line. Any food spills will be contained by the hob recess; just take out the pan supports and wipe it down.

Glass Hobs With Gas

The stunningly gorgeous one-piece cooktop with an easy-to-clean tempered black glass surface gives gas on glass hobs a modern look in addition to adjustable gas power. With features like rotary controls, the most recent digital and sensor touch controls, or both for a completely sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. The cast iron pan supports can be purchased separately or in grid form. For further safety, flamesafe technology is installed on every burner.

Ceramic Electric Hobs

Gas burner on a black modern kitchen stove

The smooth, one-piece cooktop for ceramic hobs is often black, but white ceramic is also an option. Spills are simple to clean up thanks to the sleek, smooth appearance; all that is required is a fast wipe. A clean frameless design or a metal trim are your options. Rotating controls or the newest, most sophisticated digital controls with fingertip touch control are both options.

Integrated Hobs

Induction hobs are the best worktop cooking option available today. They are the most energy-efficient, fast controlled, and because they generate less direct heat, they are also simpler to maintain. Instant heat is produced by induction hobs using a magnetic field; the cook zone only activates when a suitable pan is put on the cooktop. Spills won’t bake on the glass cooktop because only the cooking area gets warm, leaving the rest of the surface much colder than typical ceramic. Choose between fixed size pan zones and vari-zone hobs, where the areas only get energy based on the size of the pan that is put on top of the cooktop.


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