California Milk, Inc. Changes Its Name To Califia Farms

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  • December 9, 2022
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All over the news this week was Califia Farms announcing that they have bought the company name from California Milk, Inc. for a whopping $225 million. This is an investment to insure a successful future of the company in a plant-based milk substitute market.

Who is Califia Farms?

Califia Farms is a milk company based in California that was founded in 2010. The company sells milk products made from almonds, coconuts, and soybeans. Califia Farms also sells dairy-free milk products, such as almond milk and coconut milk. The company’s mission is to provide delicious, nutritious, and sustainable food products.

Why did they change their name?

Califia Farms, Inc., a California-based dairy company, has announced that it has changed its name to Califia Farms. The company says that the new name is inspired by the Spanish land grant where the city of Los Angeles was founded, and that it reflects the company’s commitment to producing high-quality milk products.

The company was founded in 2010 by Greg Stroh and Blake Mitchell, who started out selling raw milk from their farm in Sonoma County. In 2012, they began selling pasteurized milk products under the California Milk brand. The company’s flagship product is a line of almond milks, which are said to be higher in protein and calcium than cow’s milk.

Califia Farms says that its new name is a reflection of its commitment to producing high-quality milk products. The company notes that it sources its milk from local farms in California, and that all of its products are made with non-GMO ingredients.

When did this happen?

The food and beverage company California Milk, Inc. has changed its name to Califia Farms. The change was announced on the company’s website on Wednesday.

In a statement on the website, CEO Greg Steltenpohl said, “The name Califia Farms better reflects who we are today and where we’re going as a company.”

Steltenpohl founded the company in 2010. It is based in Los Angeles.

The name change comes as the company is expanding its product line beyond milk products to include coffee, juices, and almondmilks.

Why is the plant-based milk substitute market getting frothy?

The plant-based milk substitute market is getting frothy because more and more people are interested in dairy-free alternatives. Milk made from almonds, soy, rice, and other plant sources is becoming increasingly popular as people learn about the many health benefits of avoiding dairy. In addition, many people are now lactose intolerant or have allergies to milk proteins, making plant-based options the only viable choice for them.

Califia Farms is one of the leading brands in the plant-based milk industry, and its products are available in major retailers nationwide. The company has seen explosive growth in recent years, and its products are now consumed by millions of Americans every day. Califia Farms is committed to providing delicious and nutritious plant-based milk substitutes that everyone can enjoy.

Who are consumers going to see as the traditional alternatives now to dairy milk, almond milk, and soy milk?

The almond, soy, and dairy milk industries are all worth billions of dollars globally. In the United States, these industries are worth $17 billion, $4 billion, and $116 billion respectively. Almond milk is the fastest growing non-dairy milk alternative, with sales increasing by 9% every year since 2011. Soy milk is the second most popular non-dairy milk alternative, but it has been declining in popularity in recent years. Dairy milk still dominates the market, but its sales have been declining for a number of years.

There are a few reasons for this decline. First, more and more people are becoming aware of the negatives associated with dairy milk. These include the environmental impact of dairy farms, the health risks associated with consuming cow’s milk, and the ethical concerns around the treatment of cows in the dairy industry. Second, there are more non-dairy alternatives available now than ever before. This includes not only almond and soy milk, but also coconut milk, rice milk, hemp milk, and many others. Third, plant-based milks simply taste better than they used to. Thanks to advancements in food technology, plant-based milks can now be made to taste almost identical to dairy milk.

So who are consumers going to see as the traditional alternatives now to dairy milk? Almondmilk will probably continue to be the most popular non-dairy alternative due to its versatility and taste. Soymilk may continue to decline in

Should people who drink cow’s milk worry about competition from these products alluded to above?

Many people who consume cow’s milk worry about the competition from plant-based milk products. While cow’s milk still dominates the market, there is certainly room for growth in the plant-based milk industry. In fact, many major dairy companies are investing in plant-based milk production (1).

So, should people who drink cow’s milk worry about competition from these new products? Probably not. The market for cow’s milk is still strong and shows no signs of slowing down. In addition, many plant-based milks are not direct substitutes for cow’s milk (2). For example, almond milk is often used as a coffee creamer, while soy milk is popular among those who are looking for a protein-rich alternative to cow’s milk.

Of course, it is possible that the popularity of plant-based milks could eventually lead to a decline in demand for cow’s milk. However, this seems unlikely to happen anytime soon. So, for now, there is no need to worry about competition from these new products.

(1) disruptions coming – so they re going vegan


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