App Store Hypocrisy Update: “Asian Boobs” Fine, Top Seller. Satirical App, Banned.

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  • December 9, 2022
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Ever had the nagging feeling that there was something wrong with the Apple App Store’s policies? Even though they’ve taken steps to sort out what is and isn’t acceptable in regards to censorship, there are still some rather clear inconsistencies. In particular, apps mired in sexual and racial politics seem to come off relatively unscathed. Beyond this, I see that the EU has just knocked down Samsung for “slowing older phones,” a practice both my newer iphones have done for years.


It looks like the App Store is finally listening to public outcry and making some much needed changes to its policies. After facing heavy criticism for banning a satirical app called “Asian Boobs” while allowing a similar app called “Drawing School for Girls”, it looks like the App Store has had a change of heart.

While “Asian Boobs” is still banned, the App Store has now allowed the satirical app to be sold on its store. This is a positive step forward, but there’s still a long way to go when it comes to equality and inclusivity on the App Store.

Satirical App Banned

It’s been a while since we’ve had an update on the App Store hypocrisy front, but it looks like things are still as hypocritical as ever. A few months ago, Apple came under fire for approving an app called “Asian Boobs” which featured, well, pictures of Asian women’s breasts. The app was quickly removed after public outcry, but it turns out that not all apps depicting women in a sexualized manner are treated equally.

A new app called “Topless Girls Finder” has just been released and it is already the top paid app in the lifestyle category. The app allows users to find nearby women who are willing to bare their breasts for money. It also includes a “rating” system so that users can rate the women they find.

While it’s understandable that Apple would want to avoid any potentially offensive or NSFW content in its App Store, it’s hard to see how this app is any different from “Asian Boobs.” If anything, it seems even more exploitative and objectifying. It’s time for Apple to get its act together and start applying its standards evenly across the board.

Apple Siding with Meme Website

It was recently revealed that Apple has been allowing a popular meme website to sell an app called “Asian Boobs” in their App Store, while at the same time banning a satirical app that makes fun of the website.

This has led to accusations of hypocrisy on Apple’s part, as they claim to have a strict policy against offensive or obscene content. However, it seems that they are willing to turn a blind eye to certain apps as long as they are popular or generate revenue.

The double standard here is quite evident, and it raises questions about Apple’s commitment to upholding its own standards. It also raises concerns about how much power and control Apple wields over what content is available on their platform.

Do you think Apple is being hypocritical? Let us know in the comments below!

Debate on Free Speech (in any form) Continues

The debate on free speech and cultural sensitivity continues in the wake of Apple’s latest decision to ban an app for containing “objectionable” content.

The app in question, “Asian Boobs”, was a top seller on the App Store before it was removed for containing “satirical” content that some found offensive.

Critics of Apple’s decision argue that the company is being hypocritical by allowing other apps with far more explicit or violent content to remain on the store. They argue that Apple is censoring speech that it finds objectionable, while allowing other forms of offensive speech to remain.

Supporters of Apple’s decision argue that the company has a right to remove any content that it finds objectionable, and that it is not censoring speech because other forms of offensive speech are still available on the store. They argue that “Asian Boobs” was removed because it crossed a line into unacceptable or offensive content, and that Apple is not required to host all forms of speech on its platform.


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