Asia-Pacific Connected Logistics Market: Projecting Opportunities for Key Players through 2027

Asia-Pacific Connected Logistics Market: Projecting Opportunities for Key Players through 2027

The report presents a thorough analysis of the Asia-Pacific Connected Logistics Market, including market size, share, growth, market expansion, technical advancements, trends, cost structure, revenue, statistics, and detailed market data. This market study analyzes overall market growth prospects on regional level. It also reveals comprehensive competitive marketplace of the market. The research also provides an overview of the successful companies, outlining their effective marketing strategies, market share, and most recent advances in both historical and contemporary contexts. This research extensively evaluates the market segments and offers the most accurate estimates of revenues for the overall market and the sub-segments across various verticals and regions.

Covid-19 Impact Outlook

This section of the report details how the covid has affected business across the globe. The methods or actions that the organizations are employing to counteract the effects of COVID-19 have been highlighted by the analysts. Additionally, significant opportunities have been identified that has the potential to capture the market after COVID-19. This will help the participants maximize their chance of recovering losses and stabilizing their businesses.

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Asia-Pacific Connected Logistics Market Segmentation:

Market Divided into, By Software

-Asset Management

–Remote asset tracking

–Predictive asset management and monitoring

-Warehouse IoT

–Warehouse management system

–Warehouse control system

–Building Automation system


-Network Management

-Data Management

-Streaming Analytics

Market Divided into, By Product Type

-Device Management

-Application Management

-Connectivity Management

Market Divided into, By Service

-Professional Service

–Consulting service

–Integration and deployment

–Support and maintenance

-Managed Service

Market Divided into, By Transportation





Market Divided into, By End-User



-Oil & Gas and Energy

-Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare


-Aerospace and Defence

-Food and Beverage

-Others (Chemicals, Telecom & IT, etc.)

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Market Divided into, By Country




-South Korea

-South East Asia


-New Zealand

-Rest of Asia-Pacific

Points Covered in the Report

-The major market participants, including raw material suppliers, equipment suppliers, market players, traders, distributors, and others, are some of the topics covered in the study.

-The report includes information on price, revenue, cost, gross margin, sales volume, growth rate, ex-im, supply, future strategies, and technological advancements.

-The market growth factors are thoroughly addressed, and the various end users are described in detail.

-Data and information can be added based on specific needs and can be broken down by market participant, region, various segments and more.

-The SWOT analysis of the market is included in the research. The report conclusion section contains the perspectives of the industry professionals which aid the stakeholders in decision making.

Competitive Rivalry:

The competitive landscape research reveals comprehensive company profiles, revenue splits, portfolio developments, regional product footprint, important developmental strategies, pricing structure, target markets, and near-term goals of market players. The entire part aids readers in understanding the competitive environment and what would make them stand out in order to capture new target customers. The chapter on company profiles examines the different businesses that are present in the market. It assesses these companies’ financial projections, state of research and development, and expansion plans for the foreseeable future. In order to stay one step ahead of the competition, industry participants have recently adopted a number of strategic initiatives, which analysts have supplied a complete list of. Market players analyzed in the report are:


-American Telephone and Telegraph Inc. (AT&T)

-Parametric Technology Corporation Inc. (PTC)

-Cisco Systems, Inc.

-Zebra Technologies Corporation

-International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

-Oracle Corporation

-Eurotech S.p.A.


-Intel Corporation


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Key questions addressed in the report: –

-What are the primary factors anticipated to spur market expansion?

-What factors are anticipated to restrain market growth?

-Which product/service categories and segment are anticipated to be the most lucrative over the forecast period?

-Which region is most likely to dominate and control the most share of the Asia-Pacific Connected Logistics market over the ensuing five years?

-What are the anticipated market values and growth rate?

-Who are the major players in the market?

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