Antivirus software suites and your online security boost

Antivirus software suites and your online security boost

If you are searching for safe and reliable antivirus software then you are at the right place. In the following sections of the blog post we will discuss few crucial facts about antivirus software suites. The cost of an antivirus suite ranges anywhere between £32 and £65 a year. But it is possible to save this recurring expense by selecting a free version of any sound and reliable antivirus application. The selection has to be made carefully. Not every free version of antivirus software is suitable to choose. Some of those applications are simply inefficient in protecting your sensitive data, while some others have irritating pop ups.

There is no second opinion whatsoever that the antivirus that you install should be one of the best. If you want to save your hard earned bucks then you can surely go by our recommendations. Actually free versions of antivirus programmes as just as strong, efficient and reliable as the paid versions, assure experts who prefer buying software online. However the paid versions obviously offer extra features like password manager and multiple licences.

In the following paragraphs let us explore few popular antivirus suites that come for free.

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast antivirus does not need any introduction. Actually Avast happens to be one of the most prominent makers of antivirus software that offers a free edition of its product. Security suites of Avast are little light on features. But the fundamentals of security as well as that of anti-phishing in Avast products are really strong. As a result its antivirus suites turn out to be some of the best that the market has to offer. As such Avast free version antivirus could be a superb choice for you in these times when cyber fraud and scam are steadily rising.

Norton 360 Deluxe

Usually Norton security suite remains preinstalled in a large number of laptops. In fact it is a much preferred antivirus that a large number of high-street retailers cannot think of anything else beyond it. Paid versions of the security suite could be unbelievably costly. Investing in a paid version of Norton antivirus could burn a substantial hole in your pocket.

The product offers you comprehensive malware protection for up to 5 personal computers, Android, Mac or iOS devices. There is also 50 GB of secure cloud backup as well as secure VPN for all your five devices. Moreover it includes parental control to keep your children secure online. It also offers dark web monitoring.

Kaspersky Internet security and security cloud

The Kaspersky Security Cloud Free has a totally different approach in protecting your computer compared to that of the standard applications. It protects your computer system from above. Free protection that it offers is meant for PCs, androids and iOS devices. Protection is provided through an innovative combination of a password manager and a limited VPN access. Through the free service you can store up to 15 password entries and 300 MB data a day for VPN communication. The latest version of the product includes a special tool named System Watcher. It watches against ransomeware attacks. Moreover the tool can also reverse the changes to files. The downside of the product is it lacks specific defence against UEFI penetration related to the start-up programme of any system.

Other antivirus suites worth considering

  • ESET Internet Security – It delivers satisfactory results in protecting your computer systems from virus attacks. Recently it has added few innovative features like network monitor.
  • G Data Internet Security – The brand may not be very prominent but it has loads of additional features. These include e-Mail protection and even a backup tool.
  • F-Secure SAFE – The USP of F-Secure is its list of innovative features including banking protection and parental control.
  • Bitdefender Internet Security – It is an exceptionally reliable brand in the world of cyber security. Whenever there is a flood of computer viruses, the product proves its worth.
  • McAfee Total Protection – The brand is widely recognised across the world of antivirus products. Its latest features include e-Mail monitoring and an impregnable firewall.
  • AVG Internet Security – A large number of users rely on AVG for its helpful features. It offers spam protection and also a safe browser for all your banking activities online.
  • Panda Dome Advanced – Yes it is true that Panda is in lack of quite a few features to compete neck to neck with some of the best antivirus software that are there in the market. But it has an unparalleled mechanism to keep malware programs in check.
  • AVG Free – The AVG free version offers the same baseline protection as its premium counterpart. The free version is just absolutely fine in case you do not want the additional features.
  • Sophos Home Premium – There is no more a free version of this brand. Since 2022 Home Premium is the most pocket-friendly way for you to enjoy its antivirus protection.
  • TotalAV Internet Security – The brand advertises its product extensively online. As such there is hardly any Internet who is not used to the name of the brand. The product is worth trying.
  • Malwarebytes Premium – Although the product is pretty light as far as features are concerned, it offers sound and reliable protection. And this is the reason why we have included this in the list. It is worth trying.

Free antivirus versus premium antivirus suites

It has been established time and again that both free and premium versions of a same antivirus software suite offers the same and identical protection from viruses as well as phishing attacks. In other words your free antivirus programme will be as effective and helpful as your last line of defence as the premium or paid-for version. But still there are paid versions of the products. Why?

According to experts at the Softwareland when you are paying for an antivirus suite you are only paying for the additional features. These additional features will not boost your online security any better but still could be useful.

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