A Brief Software Cost Analysis: Freshdesk Pricing vs Box Pricing

A Brief Software Cost Analysis: Freshdesk Pricing vs Box Pricing

Project management is the art of organizing, planning, and optimizing the resources of a project to achieve its objectives. It involves allocating resources, setting goals, and monitoring progress to complete projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.  

Project managers play a significant role in this process. They are responsible for ensuring all stakeholders agree on the scope and timeline of the project, as well as taking care of the proper scheduling, tracking, and completion of all tasks and activities. They utilize project management best practices to improve team collaboration and communication, reduce risk, and enhance the overall quality of the project.  

For optimum results, businesses now consider project management software applications critical to their projects. These applications help streamline processes, improve communication, and increase efficiency. The software allows teams to collaborate, assign tasks, track progress, and visualize results. The use of these software systems enables teams to manage projects in an organized and structured way.  

Additionally, project management software tools assist with identifying potential risks and creating strategies to mitigate them. This way, business organizations save time and money, along with increasing productivity. It is an invaluable asset for any organization that wants to increase its overall efficiency and success. 

This article highlights two quite popular project management software. We will first describe each software individually—followed by a price analysis of the two: Freshdesk pricing vs Box pricing plans 


What is Freshdesk Project Management Software? 

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service software that enables companies to provide support to customers via email, phone, chat, and social media channels. It helps companies provide a more personalized customer experience by automating processes, organizing customer information, and enabling self-service.  

Freshdesk software offers a range of features such as ticketing, Freshdesk time-tracking, customer relationship management (CRM), knowledge base, self-service, and reporting. It is an easy-to-use software, which is also quickly deployable. Companies can customize the platform according to their needs. Additionally, Freshdesk offers powerful analytics to help companies identify trends and customer insights. It is a great tool for businesses of all sizes looking to seeking to offer a better customer experience. 

Freshdesk Features 

Freshdesk software includes a comprehensive suite of tools aimed at making a company’s customer services more streamlined and effective:  

  • Ticketing management allows your agents to receive customer issues from different channels and convert them into resolvable tickets without hassle. For this purpose, the software includes a team inbox, AI-supported ticketing, and the ability to measure agent performance and set customer expectations for response times 
  • A single channel to consolidate communications from different sources  
  • Easy management of overall service with tracking appointments and tasks, mobile field service to stay updated on the go, automated time-tracking, and a mobile application 
  • Customization of workflows and customer portal 
  • Segmentation of customers for a more personalized approach to service 
  • Build and integrate customized applications 
  • Automated notifications for any changes made 
  • Automated maintenance 
  • Control account access, along with single sign-on, IP whitelisting, and VPN 
  • Self-service utility for customers 

To learn more about the software features and how they work, users can schedule a Freshdesk demo via Software Finder.  

On the other hand, users should also read up on the feedback provided by existing customers of Freshdesk. According to several Freshdesk reviews available online, the software is quite user-friendly and easy to customize. Meanwhile, users have also reported that the software offers only a limited number of integrations and it is not possible to edit role permissions.  

In terms of pricing, Freshdesk has a forever-free plan available for up to 10 agents at a time. The lowest Freshdesk cost is $15 per agent per month (billed annually) or $18 per agent per month (billed monthly). There are two other paid plans: Pro and Enterprise. Moreover, Freshdesk offers paid add-ons to maximize the benefits of the software.   



What is Box Project Management Software? 

Box is a cloud-based file-sharing and content management service for businesses. It provides secure storage, collaboration, and workflow solutions to help companies manage and share their documents, data, and other digital assets. The software also allows users to access their files from any device, anywhere in the world. It provides powerful search and analytics capabilities, as well as advanced security features to ensure data protection. Box includes an extensive library of APIs and integrations, enabling businesses to seamlessly connect with their existing systems and processes. 

Box Features 

Following is a list of powerful features offered by Box project management software:  

  • Easier to safeguard files and documents by categorizing them based on customized terms as defined by administration policy 
  • Customization of access policies to secure data and prevent leaks 
  • Safe, compliant, and legally binding e-signatures for critical documents 
  • Automated workflows and simplified processes 
  • Note-taking for meetings, planning, and more 
  • Cloud storage with synchronization  
  • AI solutions for simplifying hard-to-understand data points 
  • Consultancy for software integration, customized training, and user implementation strategies 

Interested customers can schedule a Box demo to obtain in-depth insights into the features offered by the software. Software Finder makes it easy to book a demo through its vendor profile of Box software.  

Meanwhile, as per Box software reviews available online, users believe that the software provides massive cloud storage, easier sharing of data, better integration of useful applications, and a powerful accessibility feature. On the other hand, users have also reported limitations such as challenging collaboration with non-Box users, software freezing at times, and no support for video files.  

Box cost plans are categorized into individuals & teams and business packages. In the former, the vendor offers a free plan for a single user while the personal pro Box cost is currently $ 11.50 per user per month. In business packages, the lowest Box cost is $25 per user per month for a minimum of three users. Other packages in this category include Business, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus.  


A Final Verdict on Freshdesk Pricing vs Box Pricing 

Both software applications offer project management capabilities but the scopes are different for each while. While Freshdesk aims to improve customer service, Box is a content management and sharing software. For this reason, it is not possible to provide a concrete comparison of Freshdesk pricing vs Box pricing 

What you are willing to pay will depend on the goals you want to achieve using the software. Assess your project management objectives, along with budgeting limitations, to make a more informed decision.  

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