8 Best Fun and Quirky Charity Event Ideas 2022

8 Best Fun and Quirky Charity Event Ideas 2022

A fundraising event is a fantastic opportunity for your organisation to gain support, raise funds, and increase visibility. If you believe that fundraising is becoming ineffective? Think again. The newest analysis indicates that overall charitable giving in the United States increased by 4.2% in only the past calendar year. These and other data on nonprofit fundraising suggest that donating will increase in 2019 and beyond.


You are more likely to engage folks with a quirky fundraising idea. It needn’t take a lot of effort either. You’ll be well on your way to hitting your yearly fundraising goal if you have the correct charity event ideas, do successful preparation, and take a few important factors related to your target demographic into account.


There are several ways to raise money, including bake sales, sporting challenges, and virtual activities when live events are not an option. If you’re wondering how to make a charity event stand out, we’ve provided the top 10 fundraising ideas that will mesmerize all attendees, even the most generous ones. If you’re interested to know more, then just keep reading this article.


3 Basics of Organising a Charity Event


Whichever charity event concept you choose from this list, bear the following considerations in mind when organising a charity event:


  • Your friend is the social media. Use it to promote your charity event both before and after.


  • The location you choose is very important. In your event budget, it’s typically the line item with the highest cost. Find a place that is ideal for your theme while staying within your budget.


  • Engagement will be sparked by your theme. It serves as the event’s unifying factor. Determine your venue, event activities, attire, menu, drink selection, and decor using your theme.


10 Creative and Quirky Charity Event Ideas for Fundraising


  1. Charity Gala


A charity gala could be the ideal event for you if your contributors would enjoy a night of sparkle and glamour!


Even though galas demand a lot of preparation and money, when done right, these charitable events can be the ideal method to raise significant sums of money, particularly at the start of a significant project or capital campaign.


You can personalize your charity gala to your donors, just like silent auctions. A seated supper doesn’t appeal to you? Add some variety with a live band, a funny speaker, or a special theme. The options are infinite if you use your imagination (consider adding poker tables to a party with a casino theme or a jazz band to a Roaring ’20s banquet). Charita gala will usually need professional help, it’s best to hire an event planner.


  1. Carnival


Everyone enjoys a good night at the carnival, so pairing one with your fundraising effort makes perfect sense! You may make this event as elaborate as you like by organising fantastical rides or by keeping it straightforward with timeless activities that everyone will enjoy.


The carnival is perhaps one of the few fundraising occasions that actually appeals to every demographic. A family-friendly, adaptable fundraising event with a carnival theme may amuse participants from all walks of life.


Carnivals, however, are more than just amusements; these charity events have the ability to bring in significant sums of money for your cause. With concessions or branded goods for sale, you can charge entrance and raise additional funds for charity (as well as a donation booth, of course).


  1. Cook-Off

green vegetable on brown wooden table

Chefs are needed! A traditional method to involve your fans and collect money for your cause—and did we mention consume a lot of delicious food, too?—is to host a charity cook-off. You’ll need a theme for the event (extra points if it’s related to your cause!) and lots of eager volunteers to pull it off. Sell all your hungry guests’ tickets to the big event for a little entrance price.

Obviously, nobody wants to pass up the chance to demonstrate their culinary prowess or to eat wonderful food.


All local foodies should be encouraged to submit a dish, but you could also wish to reach out to local restaurateurs and well-known culinary authorities.


Engaging with important local figures or businesses will help you advertise your event to their devoted patrons and supporters and could pave the way for future sponsorships. Cook-offs for charities are inexpensive and provide a good return on investment.


  1. Obstacle Course


The ideal fundraising activity is an obstacle course, which kids, teenagers, and adults of all ages may enjoy as a challenge. You should put up a variety of games and obstacles for your obstacle course, and you should provide participants with the option to register online.


There will be a choice for your supporters to take part individually or in groups.


There will undoubtedly be friendly rivalry since the winning team will receive a gift!


Your obstacle course event will undoubtedly leave your fans happy and with money in the bank for your charity. Obstacle course fundraising activities, like field days, encourage your supporters to compete against one another in the great outdoors for a good cause. It acts as a team-building activity and strengthens the bonds between your network of supporters, volunteers, and employees.


  1. Concert


Try holding a concert if you want to create a fundraising event that’s a little different from your typical 5k Run! Big rock stars, we know what you’re thinking. That cannot possibly fit inside the budget. But don’t worry, throwing this fantastic event won’t cost you a lot of money.


This event will be simple to organise with the assistance of regional artists and both their and your networks.


A benefit concert is advantageous to both your organisation and the participating artists!


The artist will be exposed while you raise money. Along with promoting your cause, your event will aid in the self- and music promotion of your performing artists. Something like this benefits everyone. Additionally, by holding a text-giving campaign in conjunction with your show, you can promote more donations!


  1. Shoe Drive

photography of assorted-color shoes lot on box

An average person discards 7.5 pairs of shoes annually. Why not sell those shoes for money?


A shoe drive fundraiser is a fantastic fundraising opportunity where you can support waste reduction while also generating money for your cause! Simply work with a business that can transform your shoes into donations.


You’ll receive a cheque after your event and know that it was a socially conscious effort that benefited those in need.


  1. Contest of Knowledge (Trivia Game)


For all of the novice Jeopardy! There is nothing more enjoyable than a trivia contest, competitors. By giving to create small trivia teams, you may encourage your donors to demonstrate their intellectual prowess. Don’t forget to give the winning geniuses a fantastic gift!


A trivia competition is open to everyone, but perhaps more crucially, practically anyone can organise one with hardly any effort. They rank among the simplest events to design and host.


A location, a host, and some thought-provoking questions are all you need to stage a hugely successful trivia night. Keep it straightforward or add some flavour by providing concessions or planning a seated supper.


Most essential, interject several donation requests and brief updates on your fundraising efforts throughout the evening. To make your evening exciting and extra-educational, you may even base your quiz categories on your cause.


Everyone enjoys trivia! Why not use that zeal to raise money? Additionally, by collaborating with a nearby restaurant to hold the event, you can even meet new clients who just so happen to be regulars at the eatery.


For people in their 20s and 30s, trivia is particularly effective. Trivia can be the ideal event for a college group and is frequently used at rush parties for fraternities or sororities.


  1. Talent Show


A talent show may be a fantastic fundraising event for virtually any audience or purpose while being most popular with schools. Your talent show can be as extravagant or understated as you wish, just like some other fundraising occasions. Simply collect an entry fee from competitors, sell tickets to spectators, and collect additional donations from concession sales.


Who doesn’t enjoy a good show, after all? Everyone has a blast when your community can come together to appreciate the incredible (and occasionally surprising!) abilities that exist there.


A talent show will require some resources to put together (and don’t compromise on quality sound equipment or practice time! ), but it can also significantly improve your fundraising outcomes. Make your performance as inclusive as you can by inviting people of all ages and abilities to participate in order to maximise earnings (and fun).


By letting the audience vote with their donations, you can add a lucrative twist. Provide tip jars with each contestant’s name and picture, or allow your guests to donate online and tell a volunteer who they think is their favourite.


For churches, schools, and other groups that already have stages, sound systems, and other performance necessities, talent shows are the perfect fundraising activities. They make use of available tools and focus solely on fund-raising while enjoying a spotlight from your supporters.

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