7 best types of extracurricular activities for the students

7 best types of extracurricular activities for the students

If you are a student and want to utilize your free time but don’t know how to do that. Don’t worry we have a solution for your problem which is taking participation in extracurricular activities. These extracurricular activities are not only beneficial for students’ physical and mental health but also help students to pursue their career goals.

Many students opt for extracurricular activities between school and downtime. These extracurricular activities encourage students to take interest in other activities such as sports, arts, technology, etc, apart from academic studies. There are some co-curricular activities from which of the best extracurricular activities for college applications we have mentioned in this blog.

Types of Extracurricular Activities 

There are many types of co-curricular programs from which some are good and some are useless but some of them are truly more crucial than others. In this blog, we would discuss some of these valued extracurricular activities so stay tuned with us.

  1. Academic extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities include not only sports, dance, or music but co-curricular activities are also comprised of academic activities to explore the science world or to solve a complex math question. Academic extracurricular activities consist of academic subjects and these activities are hugely beneficial in enhancing the student’s knowledge. There are various subject-based clubs are included in academic extracurricular activities like chemistry club, economics club, biology club, engineering club, electronics club, and, many more. School administration can arrange many activities in the name of academic extracurricular activities like debate competitions, technical workshops, and mock trials that demonstrate students’ interests and knowledge beyond the coursework.

  1. Sports 

Sport is the most common type of extracurricular activity for students in schools. These sports activities are physical exercises for the students and enhance their mental and physical strength of them. These activities also develop teamwork and leadership skills. These sports activities are comprised of many sports games like baseball, basketball, cricket, hockey, soccer, volleyball, tennis, and running. Along with these games, many schools also held gymnastic classes, ice skating classes, and swimming classes for their students.

  1. Arts 

In arts, dancing, drawing, painting, music, sculpting, fashion designing, graphic designing, and theatre include. These all activities help the students to polish their visual skills and to become more creative. Moreover, these extracurricular activities teach the students to work in a team and create coordination and collaboration among themselves. In every school, theatre and dancing are the most popular extracurricular activities. Schools arrange annual play events in which they put on the plays and encourage students to participate in them. Likewise, for many people music is a therapy rather than a passion. These days for many students music becomes a stress buster. Students want to become singers, composers, instrumentalists, etc.

  1. Community Service

It is crucial to teach the lesson to the students of humanitarian and social services. Community service plays a vital role in teaching students about humanity. These community activities help them to feel that there is a world around them that need their help. Participating in these social activities the students play a key role in making the community a better place. Building homes, serving meals to the poor, and sorting out cans from local places are some community services that are hugely beneficial in releasing stress. Through these activities, a student also learns leadership skills.

  1. Student Government

In many schools, student councils are a vital part of the school decorum. For students who have an interest in politics and who want to get to know how to rule this student government activity is greatly beneficial. This activity gives the power student to decide for the students and sometimes the student government also influences the school administration policies.

  1. Cookery Club

The days are gone when cooking is considered only for girls. Now cooking becomes an activity for both boys and girls. The world is now more advanced so cooking is not a thing that is just only being learnt at home. For students, cooking is a passion, and they are creative and unique in the kitchen. They love and enjoy cooking food. Many of them convert their passion into a profession in the future.

  1. Scouting

Scouting is another popular type of extracurricular activity and is best for those students that love nature or want to live close to nature. Scouting comprises various types of outdoor activities. Moreover, in this extracurricular activity cleaning, personal care, financing ability, and many more activities like these are included. Initially, there were boys scouting troops and girls scouting troops but with time this gender discrimination vanished and now in the majority of schools only scouting troops are working that boys and girls both can join.  


Extracurricular activities are crucial for the student’s physical and mental health. Parents should guide their children to take participation in these activities. Parents should guide their children to choose extracurricular activities for them. If the child is younger, parents should guide him a lot to find the right activity for him. And if the child is a student of higher school then the parent should only give him a few options and let him choose on basis of his interest. Moreover, every school should also arrange these extracurricular activities for the students. And if a school does not do so then it is the parent’s responsibility to talk with the school administration and convince them to arrange these activities.  

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