22 NYC Projects to Read in 2023

22 NYC Projects to Read in 2023

NYC Projects

The past few years have been a massive development success for New York City. NYC Projects has worked its way to the top, from residential skyscrapers to seamless transportation. Moreover, even education is gaining heights in a city that never sleeps.  Here are 22 great NYC projects to read in 2023:

  • NYBC Center East Applied Life Sciences Hub

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s ambition brings about this project is to invest $1 Billion in life sciences. Furthermore, the 16-story hub will have about 600,000 square feet of space and be a cutting-edge innovation centre. It will be located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. It is already approved and is a work in progress. 

  • 495 Eleventh Avenue

Radson Development will build this 581,601-square-foot, dual-tower high-rise. The buildings will have hotel rooms, affordable housing, office space for businesses, retail, a restaurant, a hotel, and a facility for storing NYPD vehicles.

  • 3875 Ninth Avenue

This mixed-use tower will house 620 dwelling units (including affordable housing). Moreover, The building will have a height of 295 feet and 30 floors. There will also be 122 parking spaces and 62,000 square feet of retail space in addition to the residential apartments.

  • River North Liberty Towers

River North is a mixed-use development project coming to Staten Island. These buildings will be constructed on two adjacent sites and are expected to house 750 homes. 225 affordable housing units, 25,900 square feet of retail space, and 331 parking spaces will also be included.

  • Acme Smoked Fish Factory

Developed by Rubenstein Partners and designed by Gensler, this 9-story building will be constructed with factory space for the Acme Smoked Fish Corporation. The structure will house manufacturing space and retail and office space for additional tenants.

  • 270 Nostrand Avenue

BRP Company intends to construct a 444,289-square-foot structure with 487 apartments. The building will have nearly 20,000 square feet of commercial retail space, a 95-vehicle parking garage, and a 1,128-square-foot community facility, even though most of the area is residential.

  • 615 River Road

  • the project will consist of three 25-story towers with 1,200 apartments combined
  • contain green outdoor spaces throughout the property
  • there will also be a boardwalk that reaches into the Hudson River.


  • Wildflower Studios

  • 495,000 square foot movie studio in Astoria, Queens.
  • 11 sound stages, with extra tall floors and a multi-story entrance that can accommodate large trucks for production operations


  • 589 Fulton Street

  • 592 rental apartment units,
  • over 37,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space
  • indoor sports and recreation facility, and potentially even office space


  • 286 Coles Street

  •  total 830,150 square feet and contain 670 residential units
  • round-floor retail space, tenant amenities, parking for 355 cars, and storage for 350 bicycles


  • 415 Madison Avenue

  • 40-story office tower project in Manhattan’s East Midtown area
  • it will stand 605 feet tall and total 343,100 square feet
  • 500 Kent Avenue

  • The building will have 37,000 square feet of outdoor space, 20,476 square feet of retail space, and 593,435 square feet of office space.
  • 308 places are also available in an underground parking garage of


  • 30-05 Queens Boulevard

  • the development would contain 518 condominium units spread across 869,856 square feet
  • Moreover, it would have 466,421 square feet of commercial space


  • 30 Park Lane North

  • the building will contain 387 units
  • Also, it will have a 379-place parking structure and nearly 7,500 square feet of retail and restaurant space.


  • 888 Fountain Avenue

  •  Furthermore, it would total 386,362 square feet and feature 437 rental apartments.
  • Also, it would contain a 25,173-square-foot community facility, 8,049 square feet of commercial space, and a 45-vehicle parking garage.


  • 247 North Avenue

  • 28-story tower project in New Rochelle
  • The mixed-use building will span 377,006 square feet and contain 244 residential units.
  • Moreover, it comes with retail, affordable housing and parking space.


  • 840 Atlantic Avenue

  • Located in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights neighbourhood.
  • It will also contain 316 residential units and 50,650 square feet of retail space. 
  • Hence, the building will total 342,610 square feet.


  • 62-04 Roosevelt Avenue

  • The 213 residential flats in the 211,541-square-foot building will include 64 affordable housing units.
  • Commercial space, a community facility, and room for 156 parking spaces will also be a part of it.


  • 1637 First Avenue

  • Moreover, 459 residential units, including affordable housing, would be housed in the building. 
  • There are also designs for a rear garden, two basement levels, a ground-floor shop and commercial space.


  • 356 Fulton Street

  • proposed for Downtown Brooklyn
  • 363 rental flats will be housed in the 43-story building’s 329,305 square feet. 
  • Furthermore, 100,000 square feet of commercial space in addition to the dwelling units.
  • It will also have 2-basement levels and outdoor and indoor parking for 146 vehicles.


  1. 16 Dupont Street NYC Projects

  • Moreover, it is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
  • The structure would also include 2,548 square feet of ground-floor retail space and 378 residential units.
  • Furthermore, a cellar and a covered parking garage with room for 138 automobiles were envisaged.


  • 155 3rd Street

  • Lastly, this masterpiece would contain 301 rental apartments spread across 231,124 square feet.
  • Moreover, it would have an enclosed parking structure with space for 45 automobiles and 34,863 square feet of commercial shops.


As time progresses, more development occurs in NYC Projects. However, these are some of the most anticipated projects we are excited about. 

Hence, we can’t wait to see how they turn out to be. 


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